Serie P No. 2
Partagás / Serie P No. 2
Length: 6 1/8" | Ring Gauge: 52
Strength: Full | Vitola: Pirámides
£33.90 11% since 1st April 2022

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One of the benchmark pyramids of the Cuban cigar world, PARTAGAS Serie P No.2 is an excellent cigar, an example of the best Cuban tobacco in terms of flavours and construction. Molasses, pepper, cedar, coffee and bitter orange are an excellent journey through the land of Vuelta Abajo. It is in the Olympus of many smokers for good reasons.

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⅓: Opens on funky vintage wood note and sour citral zest with nougat behind it. Moving slowly toward walnut, tangy, buttercream, cedar and hotel lobby. Draw seems to be plenty at this moment. Swinging into a bowl of mixed nuts, hulled almonds, hazelnuts, chestnuts and walnuts, an eventual Elmer’s glue and toasted oak with a draping of light moss. Hints of salted caramel and vanilla in the background while cedar takes the front.

⅔: Adding some cream into the cedar and bowl of mixed nuts with wafting campfire smoke and more salt on the palate. Extremely different from any Habana I’ve had thus far. A certain tannic tang enters the party with a spotlight and a final appearance of a lingering orange pith. Souring a bit towards bitter walnut with salty pit and warm cedar/hazelnuts where complexity subsides. Eventually picks up a red pepper/chili spice with a subtle cookie affect.

³⁄₃: Intensifying toasted oakwood on oil rich cedar, chestnuts, salt and orange pith. Building on the hazelnut/chestnut, still with the pepper spice. A unique ether funk arrives for the send off, surrounded by oak, cedar, chestnuts and salty pith. Ending back on the Elmer’s glue funk and campfire roasted chestnuts.

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This cigar recently became one of my favorite smoke choice, first of all value for money and the strength. I offered it to an old man smoking Romeo y Julieta / Wide Churchills sitting next to my table during lunch in a Lebanese restaurant, he refused to accept it telling me: this cigar is very strong to me can't smoke it. It might be for some but for me it blends well with alcohol.

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Excellent cigar. How foolish of him to refuse!

1 year ago

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I own the Serie P No. 2 from the Sevilla Jar, only 1 stick. I'm looking forward to smoke it.

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People are rude about this cigar in the same way they describe the Hoyo No 2 as the Ford escort of cigars. Why does my heart sink when someone says that this is their favourite cigar? Is it just too ubiquitous? Does it just not mean that there is no discrimination about taste? The fact is that I am smoking one now and frankly it’s really rather delicious. It also works every time, which is more than I can say for the nearly 20 out of 25 Hoyo DCs I had to throw away for being impossible to draw on last week. It is also rich and smooth (if only we all could be) and it is strong - allowing one to focus on any task at hand for several hours afterwards. There is a sense of relief smoking this stick rather like having broken down in a Ferarri on the A4 flyover and getting gratefully into a BMW 3 series. It’s delicious and powerful and well made and reliable. I only don’t buy them because I want something to buy and smoke when I am out and about and I suggest they deserve more respect than they get. Onwards to D4!