Serie D No. 6
Partagás / Serie D No. 6
Length: 3 1/2" | Ring Gauge: 50
Strength: Full | Vitola:
£21.00 10% since 1st April 2022

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If you have just one hour but you want to enjoy a cigar then D-6 is your choice
Typical cuban cigar with all the flavors and history, D 6 is a must cigar in the humidor. I call it emergency cigar, try to pair it with something strong to experience all the taste

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My first encounter with the Partagas Series. I have seen so many reviews of this stick, for the price for 20 I had to grab a box. This Serie D packs a punch off the first puff. The stick is well aware of its size and leaves no time to waste. In my experiences with it, I get strong oak and leather notes. Mostly typical cuban taste. The construction is decent, I have had many corrections. In the 10 I have shared and smoked, I had only 1 dud. Nothing the handy draw tool wasn't able to handle. I always get a ton of smoke out of these small sticks. They are very small. This has also been my stick i share with my friends who have never tried a cuban. Small enough for them to try and packs the cuban flavor. Overall, very happy with this stick. I am excited to try the others in the Serie line.

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Great little account for a great little cigar !

1 year ago