Serie D No. 4
Partagás / Serie D No. 4
Length: 4 7/8" | Ring Gauge: 50
Strength: Full | Vitola: Robustos
£28.30 13% since 1st April 2022

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The D4 has long been revered as a classic in the world of cigars, while Partagas is renowned for being one of Cuba's most robust brands. It's true that many beginners may shy away from Partagas due to its intense flavor profile. When recommending cigars to first-timers, many sellers or aficionados often suggest starting with milder options.

However, in my opinion, the D4 doesn't have to be reserved exclusively for experienced connoisseurs. On the contrary, I believe that beginners should be bold and try different profiles and strengths to compare and find what suits their preferences best. Just remember to eat a hearty meal beforehand, take small and deliberate puffs while savoring the flavors, and occasionally put the cigar down to chat with friends. These practices can help minimize the risk of getting too intoxicated. If you enjoy stronger flavors and are accustomed to drinking strong spirits, you should definitely give the D4 a try.

The D4 was originally introduced by Partagas in the 1930s for the British market, alongside their A, B, and C series. The D series had models numbered from 1 to 4. In the 1960s, all 16 cigars in this line were discontinued. However, in the 1970s, the Robusto vitola became increasingly popular in the cigar market. In 1975, the D4 was reintroduced to the market, and interestingly, it didn't have the name "Robusto" until Cohiba released their popular Cohiba Robusto cigar in 1989. It's no wonder that after that, both D4 and Epicure No.2 were commonly referred to as Robustos. Subsequently, D1, D2, and D3 were released as limited editions.

Back to the cigar itself, the wrapper had a beautiful oily sheen and a slight leathery feel. The first puff immediately triggered my palate, even woke me up from a bit of fatigue. The fill was just right, and the draw had a very subtle resistance. In the first third, I tasted cocoa, black pepper, and a persistent earthy, leathery, mineral, and woody notes. The smoking experience lasts about an hour and a half.

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⅓: From light up there is a bold, honeyed graham cracker dominating the palate, dusty soil minerality, somewhat salty and a seeping of the toasted almond from the nose. Progressing adds a bit of caramel drizzle to the graham crackers and the minerality becomes almost metallic with subtle roasted chestnuts from the almonds. Picking up the orange pith my good friend @mccigars often talks of, but wrapped in a wet cardboard from the graham cracker aspect. Coming around the carousel in flavors while a sharp white pepper punches the background and all mired by the dusty alluvial soil. As this third ends, theres a waft of old, stale cinnamon/clove on the backend.

⅔: Carrying on orange pith, honey graham cracker, cardboard, roasted and ground chestnuts, light caramel, cinnamon and white pepper. Steady on great flavors. Eventually intensifying caramel with more salt and white pepper. Ending this third with salted caramel, graham cracker, chestnuts, nougat, cardboard and pepper.

³⁄₃: With all else the same, I’d note the almonds return for a near char, level of roasting while the chestnuts remain, white pepper not tapering any since it amplified. Interesting heavily toasted oak and marshmallow nearing the nub. The pith seems to take on a bit of citrus zest to the palate-bright but a tad bitter as well. All the nuts where forgotten, over roasted/burnt and add a bitterness to the profile. Finishing with caramel, cardboard, graham cracker, dusty soil, salt and falling back to the orange pith

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My go to stick and what a value!!! BTW…my wife’s favorite.

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Partagás Serie D No. 4 apparently one of the most popular Cuban cigars in the world?

It certainly is for me one of the more full-bodied Cubans I’ve smoked. So that may well count somewhat to its popularity. I always have a box of these in my humidor because of their ability to consistency deliver a flavourful smoking experience.

I really like to simple band and that lovely oily wrapper, I rarely smoke these without at least three years age on them, they are a perfect vitola for me, with an hour plus smoking enjoyment, having a larger ring size meaning a cool smoke.

I find the D4 delivers the Partagas flavour profile with a powerful punch, starting creamy and building to a leathery finish, passing though sweeter orange and vanilla, with a pleasant nuttiness.

You often see less than complementary reviews about these cigars, perhaps the 4D falls foul of being “popular” and that counts against it?

However, they are generally highly rated in blind tasting and are popular for a reason.

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People are rude about this cigar in the same way they describe the Hoyo No 2 as the Ford escort of cigars. Why does my heart sink when someone says that this is their favourite cigar? Is it just too ubiquitous? Does it just not mean that there is no discrimination about taste? The fact is that I am smoking one now and frankly it’s really rather delicious. It also works every time, which is more than I can say for the nearly 20 out of 25 Hoyo DCs I had to throw away for being impossible to draw on last week. It is also rich and smooth (if only we all could be) and it is strong - allowing one to focus on any task at hand for several hours afterwards. There is a sense of relief smoking this stick rather like having broken down in a Ferarri on the A4 flyover and getting gratefully into a BMW 3 series. It’s delicious and powerful and well made and reliable. I only don’t buy them because I want something to buy and smoke when I am out and about and I suggest they deserve more respect than they get. Onwards to D4!



Probably a ‘go too’ cigar which never fails to deliver and never disappoints. Always consistent IMHO……with age even better.

2 years ago