Mille Fleurs
Partagás / Mille Fleurs
Length: 5 1/8" | Ring Gauge: 42
Strength: Medium | Vitola: Petit Coronas

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my first double box purchase were these. 2019. amazing smoke for anytime... literally. from my sisters wedding to cigars with my good friends on a Friday night with whiskey. smooth, good draw, alittle spice, some cream, earthy, mild, bets bang for your buck in terms of price if you can find them

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Perfect cigar for any occasion - my go to cigar. Flavoury with notes of leather, earth, creme, mixed with a specific lightness which fascinates me every time again and again. Very good value for money.

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Absolutely great value for money! Amazing versatile cigars, you can enjoy them during the day with coffee or after dinner with some aged Rum, great travel cigars also. Come in pack of 5, 10 or box of 25, extremely approachable. Quality seems to be quite consistent; I've had no problem with these cigars so far. Only cost ever slightly more than the Aristocrats where I'm from but a far better cigar in my opinion, slightly bigger ring gauge too (42 as opposed to 40), and the aristocrats are quite decent themselves.
Overall solid cigars, highly recommended.

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Cigar: Partagás Mille Fleurs
Box Date: March 2020

A delicious 35-45 minute smoke that is the perfect bookend to a late lunch. The best way to define this cigar is approachable. It’s flavors are nuanced with notes of nuts and coffee. The draw is smooth an even with a good amount of smoke in each draw.

With an affordable price point and medium body, this cigar is a perfect cigar to accompany your 5pm cocktail.

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I was searching for a less expensive puro to smoke more frequently, which would allow my other favorite and 'yet to be experienced' sticks to age longer in my humidor. I acquired a new box of Mille Fleurs manufactured in 2021 for that exact purpose. After smoking four sticks over the last few days I felt experienced enough with them to leave a review.

The Partagas Mille Fleurs is a flavorful 35 - 45 minute medium strength smoke. I detect flavors of coffee, hay and nutmeg during a cold draw. After lighting the cigar, I detect a slightly creamy taste with cedar and nut that lasts for about the first half of it. The taste during the second half slowly transitions into stronger woody notes, is slightly sour and peppery in taste with greater mouthfeel towards the end. I found the overall taste experience to be enjoyable.

As a cigar neophyte, I have read about the woes of encountering cigars that are clogged or that have too tight of a draw and I had never experienced that personally until now. Each stick from the box I've examined by touch is rock hard with little or no sponginess or 'flex'. The four sticks I've smoked from this box have either had an extremely tight cold draw or have been clogged outright prior to lighting. They appear to have been rolled too tight at the factory. Fortunately I've been able to remedy the situation and have established a proper draw using a draw poker. I haven't had any 'cavitation', channeling or canoeing with the cigars so far after using a draw poker. I hope it stays that way.

I wanted to rate this cigar higher than I did, but the poor construction and draw problems I experienced kept my rating low. Could the draw improve with aging? I don't think so.

Now I need to pick up a Romeo y Julieta Mille Fleurs or three to perform a head-to-head comparison/review between the two petite coronas that share the same name.

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I insist you share your findings with us, and I contest that you could possibly be a neophyte with such an advanced palate.

2 years ago


Noted! Perhaps I've read enough cigar reviews that I now sound like I'm a seasoned connoisseur. Lol! Maybe that's my secret desire to eventually become one.
Thank you for the compliment.

2 years ago (edited on 1st June 2022 18:38)

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Sitting in the sun with this beautiful 2006 Partagas Mille Fleurs, I’ve never really been one for exclusive LE and Regional stuff, I do like them but I’d rather a have a box of standard line cigars, instead of two £££ sticks!

Give me a well cared for aged Cuban that I can a) afford and b) smoke on a regular basis and I’m more than happy, I’m a cigar smoker not an investor.

Got three boxes of these in Spain 2007 (still have 40+ sticks) £38 for 25, unmistakable Cuban flavours, creamy & floral, medium/firm draw, slow laser straight burn, over 40 minutes of smoking pleasure and best of all you can still get these types of cigars at reasonable prices.

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I have gone through a box of 10 from 2019 this year. Very affordable and with age and care larguably better than cigars or the same size with double the price tag

2 years ago (edited on 30th May 2022 11:09)