Magnum 50
H. Upmann / Magnum 50
Length: 6 1/4" | Ring Gauge: 50
Strength: Light to Medium | Vitola: Mágnum 50
£34.70 9% since 1st April 2022

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For me the Magnum series all are Great
some time I wonder why I did not try this earlier of my days of smoking
with the current high prices this is one of the best choices
chocolate-milk wrapper, great for 1:30 hour, for the night our, if you keep them in the humidor for a while, it will turn good
true cuban or classic cigar
it has bouquet of flavors, the species are the dominating notes all the way
also sweet with touch of lemon, chocolate and roasted coffee
the aroma is true cuban cigar
no never go wrong with it

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34. H. Upmann Magnum 50

2017-07-25/ ANDREDIAS95 (First published 16/05/17)

Sponsored by Habanos Nordic.

Wrapper is milk chocolate in colour with a medium oily wrapper.

First taste: milk chocolate with cedarwood and a almond bitterness, but nothing to harsh. Very smooth and enjoyable.
Medium voluminous smoke.

The classic white-grayish ash.

Classic Cuban smoke notes, the cedarwood gives the dry but fresh tones.

Then the milk chocolate creaminess smoothens out in the mouth.

A very enjoyable hour has passed and I’m 2 cm from the band, it’s creamy and just lovely.

It finished off like a classic Cuban, with a slight bitterness.

90 points in my book.
/ Cigarmaster André

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Right at the beginning, when i picked up the cigar the valuable feeling was there.
I kept them in 72 percent humidity. The smell corresponded to a relaxed, spicy earthy note. The ignition seemed simple and pleasant to me.
The first third had a very heavy draw but a great aroma of light spring nuts.
Furthermore, the structure had taken shape in the middle third and the strong earthy tones and characteristic cuban notes were added. With the extra length, i got an hour and a half of smoke time.
The last third hit hard and took me on a journey into a relaxed weekend.
The bottom line is: If you want to start a nice conversation on a Saturday night, you should take a look at the magnum series.