Half Corona
H. Upmann / Half Corona
Length: 3 1/2" | Ring Gauge: 44
Strength: Light to Medium | Vitola: Half Corona
£13.50 6% since 1st April 2022

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6 Reviews
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TASTING One of the "little big Habanos" that offers an exquisite tasting with a good range of nuances despite its short thirds, with perfectly balanced flavours and aromas, very soft notes of white pepper and good woody touches.

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Another day and another cigar down by the Thames. The H Upmann HC is the perfect cigar to assist in the “quick break from the office” all important task. Light and smooth and at my speed of smoking can completed in 10 minutes if required. Yes it’s not hugely memorable but definitely fits the bill for this requirement. Surely a must for any working person!

And finally it is the perfect cigar with a coffee on an empty stomach!

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Not a particularly memorable smoke. Not terribly flavourful, akin to a large cigarette. Indicative of the quality of general release Cuban cigars of the day. Would not recommend.

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If you haven’t smoke this cigar
Leave now the computer now and look for it and get a box
I call it the stress relief, few puffs of this cigar and all the negativity dissolve
I enjoy every puff of it
This is 4.5 star cigar

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A truly delicious smoke, very light on the palate, smooth and creamy. Sweet with an undertone of spice.

A beautiful short smoke.

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The H.Upmann Half Corona has become my must-have for my humidor collection. I work quite an odd shift pattern, so more often than not I get free afternoons and evenings where a Cigar would be delightful to enjoy, specifically in the garden on a sunny afternoon/evening. Because of this I maybe have around 30-40 minutes to enjoy a cigar, but would still like to heave the pleasure of enjoying one.

Enter the H.Upmann Half Corona, it's perfect for that short of amount of time I have, and proceeds to develop a fantastic smoke and flavour. For me, cubans do not get the 5 star review for construction as non-cubans would, as more often than not, some of them do come with a slight damage to the outside wrappers.

But in terms of smoking, drawing and flavour it's a A+ with it's light nicotine strength and light flavours on the tongue, it is the delightful starter cigar for people wanting to get into cigars and enjoy it well. Or, it can be perfect for those who want a light, quick smoke for when time is short.