Wide Churchills
Romeo y Julieta / Wide Churchills
Length: 5 1/8" | Ring Gauge: 55
Strength: Medium | Vitola: Montesco
£34.50 10% since 1st April 2022

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Another day and finally another cigar down on the river Thames which is my FAVOURITE place for a cigar. It’s been raining for weeks now so I haven’t been able to venture down. So it’s fitting that I am smoking the OG of my humidor - The #romeoandjuliet Wide Churchill a cigar that has been quite hard to get my hands on. This particular cigar is one of the last from my old 5 year old box of 25 - and it’s aged beautifully. Soft, creamy with a lovely flowery aroma and a perfect draw. It’s what you expect from the full Churchill line up these days. Let’s hope I can find a new box as a humidor without a Wide Churchill just isn’t ‘cricket’.

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This is classic Habanos cigar
If you got in to a place and you do not know what to buy, then this is one of the good choices
It takes 1-1:30 hours to smoke the Wide Churchills, bold and has its present

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I had my first one and it was virtually flawless in every way.

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I went to a cigar lounge the other day and a man dressed in a light blue cashmere zipped jumper said to me with a wild and wide eyed expression: “Have you ever had a R and J Wide Churchill?”. He was clearly just coming down from such a high that I felt it was churlish of me to contradict him. What had I been missing? So I bought a box and set about smoking one to try to replicate the near narcotic obsessed devotion he had to this vitola.
It was delicious. There is no doubt in my mind that R and J make the ‘prettiest’ cigars in the world. They burn with a fragrance that makes us feel that love is in the air and every time I have one I am reminded of roses and climbing lovers and sweet scents, just as the box would have you believe. R and J - thank you. Let not communism and global politics impede you from your valued task of making cigars that still taste simply sensational.
The chewy ring gauge is important v the normal Churchill (no disrespect but we have moved on since then) and there is a tang in the draw from the very beginning and as the cigar takes shape there are more flavours of summer meadows, light green grass, apples and the ‘scent of a woman’. I love this cigar when I want a draw of the metallic - magnesium especially after a good lunch on a high alpine wine; normally in low company.
The only issue is the end. Like the tragic play, I always think the last inch is a bit harsh and forgets itself. Frankly it ends badly and I would suggest that the makers, like the great Bard, give us the finish we these days expect. Tweak the last furlong and you may have the greatest cigar you ever need for general consumption.



I am fortunate enough to have 8 Wide Churchills remaining from a 2014 box of 10. I fully agree with their flavour and they generally tick all of the right boxes. I have tried others from much more recent dates and they simply don’t compare to ones that have been aged. The flavours intertwine with each very well and the smoke is thick and creamy. Completely agree with the final inch on the more recent date stick that I had but this is not the case with the ones from 2014. The final inch on these is not harsh at all and in fact is as enjoyable as the rest of the stick was. Age clearly being the key to these so if you can put a box aside for a few years then do - you won’t be disappointed.

1 year ago