Linea de Oro Nobles
Romeo y Julieta / Linea de Oro Nobles
Length: 5 1/3" | Ring Gauge: 56
Strength: Medium | Vitola:

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Another day and another cigar this time coming from the banks of the Serpentine in Hyde Park. We continue tasting the Romeo y Julieta Linea de Oro trilogy - today it’s the turn of the Nobles - a 56 ring gauge 5 1/3 inches long Piramide vitola which for many aficionados was the best of the the three. In fact this particular cigar was voted No. 16 in Cigar Aficionado’s top 25 cigars of 2022. Like all the Linea de Oro range the cigar has 2 lovely golden bands which look stunning alongside the smooth chocolate brown wrapper. The draw was on the tighter side of good and the burn was spectacular displaying a lovely grey, structurally sound and uniformed ash. The cigar is meant to be a medium to full strength but like the Hidalgos was very mild for the first third. By half way the strength did build with sweet tones and a lovely aroma - and by the time I hit the golden band the strength hit the mark with a strong woody and leathery flavour that was a little creamier on the palate than the Hidalgos. For the price this is an exceptional cigar and certainly enters my top 5 list 🙌

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Cuban cigars are Like London Buses you wait ages for one and then three new releases come along at once. In this case the Hidalgo, Dianas and Nobles all in a fancy newly branded gold edition - its even wearing a smart foot band and the main band glistens as if studded with diamonds. Yes - this cigar is a success even before you light it!
And when you do light one you are greeted with the most perfect draw which tells me that the quality of rolling has been a key focus. Congratulations R and J!
But what about the taste? Delicious! Still with those floral notes for which this brand is renowned but frankly richer and deeper. Can I suggest nuts and cherries? An odd mix I know but my vocab is deserting me as I puff away - what I can say is that the cigar gets better and better as you work through it - mouth filling flavours, enough smoke to take an enemy machine gun nest unobserved and a deep cello timbre that makes me rejoice that I have had the good fortune to be given one of these little beauties.
They are like all Cuban cigars expensive - but unlike some others they justify it - the lie in their grand four poster bed of a lacquer box glittering in their golden socks and collars and purr at you with sophistication and class.
This is a great cigar and I can’t wait to try their brothers and sisters.