Short Churchills
Romeo y Julieta / Short Churchills
Length: 4 7/8" | Ring Gauge: 50
Strength: Medium | Vitola: Robustos
£28.10 13% since 1st April 2022

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Another day and another cigar back at my regular spot here on the Thames in Hammersmith. This time round it’s a cigar I have smoked many times - the R&J Short Churchill. A classic and well known cigar for most people and one that I smoked a lot in my early smoking days. I must admit it doesn’t excite me as much these days as it’s a little light and just doesn’t have the taste and aroma I have grown accustomed to from many other cigars I smoke today. But it does bring back great memories as it’s really the cigar that birthed my passion so I can’t ever be disappointed smoking it. So for those who are just starting their smoking journey I can surely recommend this well priced and beautifully constructed cigar. And for those experienced smokers it’s a good choice if it’s your second or third smoke for the day and your inch isn’t quite inched yet :)

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RyJ short Churchill.

Not a big fan of the RyJ line, although it was one of the first Cubans I ever smoked. I’d say it’s been a few years since picking up a RyJ, but I’m sure glad I did. A little mild for my full liking but a great amount of flavours. Excellent transitions, fantastic burn, A+ construction, easy light, great smoke volume.

1st third: a touch earthy to start then dark chocolate, some strong latte notes

2nd third: oh my.. beautiful. That dark chocolate turns into milk chocolate. Then creamy, sweet, sweet vanilla, creamy and some more sweet creamy notes. However it seems to be getting more mild but just still wonderful.

The finish: still creamy, now just subtle chocolate notes but it’s still there as the prominent note. That chocolate going back to that 1st third flavour that’s dark, nutty and almost coffee like. Definitely more mild to the finish. Good finish.

Yeah, go buy a box and throw it in the humidor.

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if you want to smoke a cigar and somebody ask you for one, then short Churchills would be the choice, so they can experience a reel cuban cigar, it is a shorter version of the reel Churchills, taste of cuban tobacco
I think every smoker should have few sticks in his Humidor

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This one did everything right on the day. An enjoyable smoke with good draw, construction and burn. Mild flavours, got 1:25hrs out of it.

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So far in the short time I've been in love with Cuban cigars I've smoked more of these than any other cigar. Part of that draw has been my natural attraction towards the Robusto vitola, the ease I've had in obtaining them (at least to date) and the enjoyment I have in smoking them. The cold draw of the Short Churchill tastes like hay and faint chocolate to me. Once lit and burning, I detect notes of cedar, vanilla, leather, cacao and later coffee as I puff along. I find this cigar to be very creamy and its resulting smoke dense and aromatic. I suspect the Short Churchill would go very well with coffee, although I haven't paired the two yet. I find the construction very consistent, along with a burn duration around an hour and ten minutes or so. I haven't had the Churchills or the Wides yet, but I imagine that they are equally enjoyable.

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The short Churchill implies a a reduced version of the great man - or cigar in this case. But imagine a shorter stubbier version of something and you get the picture. In my view it just does not quite work. It’s not as smooth as the real thing nor as unctuous as it’s wider cousin. As a Robusto I find it quite sharp and a tiny bit unsatisfying - consider that my displeasure is very unusual when it comes to cigars since in reality there is no such thing as a bad Cuban cigar. Might this be one of those occasions? Don’t take my word for it - the short Churchill is considered a fine part of any collection and I even have some: but it is rare these days that I send down for them.



Thank you for the review! Just to add my two cents, I found this cigar to be delightful for a summer evening in the garden having guests over. Not overwhelming and for the medium body really not overpowering with a fantastic smell. It was a satisfying smoke for me, but I wouldn’t smoke it alone as it may not be as exiting as it’s „big brother“

1 year ago