Romeo No. 3
Romeo y Julieta / Romeo No. 3
Length: 4 5/8" | Ring Gauge: 40
Strength: Medium | Vitola: Coronitas
£17.10 5% since 1st April 2022

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Light to medium woody taste average draw

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Romeo Y Julieta No.3 Review

When it comes to the RYJ Tubos range ( 1,2,3,etc.) people always seem to either love them or hate them. For me I had only ever tried the No.2 where I managed to grab a box of 25 at a steal price. So when La Habana Official sent me the No.1 & the No.3 I was really excited to light them up and really see what this range of cigars have to offer.

This particular cigar (If you haven’t followed my recent reels on it) comes in a smaller size if 4 5/8 x 40 ring gauge making it a very light 20-30 minute smoke. Perfect for a mid day smoke with a coffee or walking the dog. This is a medium bodied smoke so is that perfect balance of being full of flavour but not to much that it becomes over powering. I usually smoke medium bodied cigars anyway so this just made the urge to light it up even more tempting. 😎

1/3 - The first third of this cigar was like a rollercoaster of flavour notes on the palette. A beautiful well balanced spice on the back of the tongue which never became over powering, which is really common with some cigars and is probably the most complaint I hear about smoking cigars. With this came a beautiful compliment of leather which just coated the mouth, with every puff just coated it again and I won’t lie to you. I couldn’t get enough of it!
2/3 - The second third of this cigar everything was shaken up. The leather notes I was getting in the 1/3 and completely mellowed out and all I was getting was the beautiful taste of Cuban tobacco with that beautifully balanced spice at the back of the tongue. I still hadn’t ashed the cigar up until now. With a great 1 1/2” head of crystal white ash. As I literally took the picture of this it fell off all over me. Not bad for a smaller tinge Gauge cigar, the head doesn’t usually hold on for that long!
3/3 - Now this is the section where I completely fell in love with this cigar. This is no joke but my mouth was watering with every puff I took (This had the missus in stitches, never has she seen me smoke a cigar and need a bib at the same time 😂). This third had a beautiful cedar note which paired perfectly with that spice that has been constant throughout this smoke. I really slowed down at this section I wanted to make it last as long as possible!

Cigar Shack Rating 8.5 / 10
Recommend?: 100% YES!

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Cigar: Romeo y Julieta Romeo no. 3
Box Date: April 2020

These lovely little coronitas are a great smoke to start your day with a nice cup of espresso. Or the perfect accompaniment to your lunch break.

The flavor starts out light with a light woody note, leading into a notes of chocolate and roasted coffee by about the halfway point. The flavor profile is in line with all the flavors we’ve come to know and love from Romeo y Julieta.

The draw was a bit tight to start, but once the stick warmed up, the channels open and the draw was great. I would highly recommend this smoke due to its general availability as well as its fair price. It’s a good all around value and a solid “every-day” smoke.