Ramón Allones / Gigantes
Length: 7 5/8" | Ring Gauge: 49
Strength: Strong | Vitola: Prominentes
£39.50 7% since 1st April 2022

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Had the Gigantes for the first time last night and I must say it is a winner amongst many other Cuban DCs. Spicy, fruity, very well constructed with a very smooth draw. Thoroughly enjoyed and would surely recommend to have these in your humidor.

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A very highly rated cigar indeed. This is a monster but tastes as sweet as a nut - a gentle giant. It literally makes my mouth water as I smoke it and the flavours of spice, passion fruit and the tang of happiness ring around my palette as I enjoy it. It’s so fruity that it’s almost one of your five a day.
It is a big Bertha though and yes it’s for the faint hearted, but not for those who don’t want to sit quietly and avoid distraction during its consumption, which few of us do in these days of the electric telephone and Her Majesty’s internet. it has intriguing tastes and springs the intellect. I hate the phrase, but is it a ‘thinking man’s (person’s) cigar? It’s certainly not a dictator’s cigar as so many DCs are since it’s so full of complexity, energy and vitality, like a young colt, so I would suggest that if you want to sit down with a cigar as an interlocutor, rather than an accessory to another activity such as conversation or reading then this baby is one for you.