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Ramón Allones / Private Stock 230 - Gran Bretaña Regional Edition 2020
Length: 6.75 | Ring Gauge: 50
Strength: Full | Vitola: Partagas 16

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Another day and another cigar this time back at my regular stomping grounds on the Thames in Hammersmith. It’s a special cigar today - the soon to be legendary #RamonAllones Private stock 230 - a UK regional release from 2020 that was released in 2022. A 50 ring gauge by 6 3/4 inches which is know as a Partagas 16 vitola. I purchased a cabinet but have only smoked one so this is the first smoke I have had with a little bit of age. I’ve been excited about this one… The first third was as expected - woody, creamy and light though there was a hint of vanilla in the first 5-10 draws which was a surprise. The smell and aroma is simply beautiful- think sweet, woody but soft. The draw and burn are perfect even if I probably didn’t leave the cigar out long enough from my long storage conditions. The middle 3rd remained very smooth and creamy with a more intense wood though nowhere near the levels of a #ramonallones Specially Selected or Number 3. In the final 3rd I started to sense the full flavour however it wasn’t hard hitting or intense - which is perfectly matched to my smoking palate. Overall I was very impressed with this cigar - it’s stunning to look at, the smell is top 5, and the flavours were perfect for me. I look forward to trying another one in a years time 👍

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Picked up a single at Davidoff of London in December of ‘22’. Truly a beautiful looking cigar. Perfect pack and no visible imperfections to be seen. The cold draw brought a very light spice and a beautiful sweetness, so much so, that I could’ve sat there the whole day just pre-drawing.

The first third was elegantly light, with plenty of fantastic flavors and immense amounts of silky smooth smoke. Sweet cream, espresso, and lemon rind dominated the palate. It was like a creamy latte with a lemon swath. At the straight cut cap, there was a distinct aroma of buttermilk. A pleasant, slightly sour aroma, but in the best of ways. Imagine lemon cream pie. People have said this before, but this didn’t smoke like a traditional RA at all, and I have ZERO complaints about that whatsoever!

The second third stayed creamy, almost buttery, and incorporated white pepper/ spice into the continued coffee notes, but not in a harsh way at all. It was a wonderful transition. The second half of the second third brought on notes of fresh leather (not that “end of a cigar leathery note”, but a gorgeous fresh leather Italian jacket or shoe), as well as sweet cedar. The body at this point felt full, but the strength stayed mild-medium.

The final third picked up to a medium plus strength. The sweet cream turned into a spiced cream, the white pepper to a black pepper, and that classic end of cigar leathery profile. I feel the last third showed a touch of youth and didn’t elegantly transition, however, I’d smoke this cigar again and again, and I would age a box for another 2-3 years whilst smoking 1-2 per year.

Overall, this was an exceptional cigar experience. Wonderful flavors, nice transitions, great construction with one or two very small touch ups to make on the burn line, and a perfect draw throughout. H&F doesn’t mess around with any of their ER’s, and this is one to get your hands on before they sell out.

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Great review and couldn't agree more! They are only going to get more expensive!

1 month ago

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After lighting, the cigar revealed distinct and light floral notes along with a pleasant sweetness. The first third was quite mild, and one might not even realise they are smoking a Ramon Allones. However, as it progressed to the middle section, the intensity increased with the emergence of yeastiness and caramel flavors. The floral notes persisted but gradually diminished. Changes were not prominent on the final third, as the caramel flavor continued, it was complemented by hints of walnut aroma. The overall experience of this cigar is exceptionally enjoyable, and it didn't feel like smoking a youthful cigar at all.

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