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Cigar Keep is a website tailor-made for the global community of Cuban cigar smokers. A place for reading, reviewing and trading as a means to connect one another through our mutual passion for Cuba’s greatest export.

The cigar community is large but segregated. Small pockets, which can be age, nationality and loyalty to one merchant or another, means that you often see the same people depending on which pocket you fall into, but they are rarely combined. Cigar-Keep.com is the first genuine attempt to unite everyone under one roof, from the cigar collectors, cigar shops, cigar lounges and cigar forums, creating a destination that celebrates the joy that cigars bring to smokers, and also helps educate those that want to join in but aren’t sure how.

Our site allows you to create your own profile and content about cigars, show other users your cigar collection and visa-versa, providing access to the owner’s market in a manner that has hitherto been non- existent. Once signed up, details can be added such as the contents of your humidor, the accessories you have, favourite places to buy, to smoke and a rating system so you can review cigars you have recently tried. Whereas there are websites that sell cigars via auctions or other means, Cigar-keep.com shall not hold stock but simply provide the conduit between collectors.

Overseen by Chief Content Officer of Cigar Keep and Editor of The Rake magazine, Tom Chamberlin, the site also brings finesse to the journey by being a content provider, educator, and reference point for the casual and experienced smoker, having known personalities in the cigar community create content, write reviews and keep the site up to date with news and germane topics of discussion. 

Our Proprietor is a man of much renown and some notoriety. He remains in the shadows of his own cigar fug, often in smoking lounges as far flung as London, New York, Beirut, Paris and Dubai. If you are lucky, he might be seen at Cigar Keep’s Zoom Meet every Sunday at 16.30 BST

It may seem extraordinary that this kind of website does not already exist, well now it does, we seek to be the rallying point for cigar smokers and create events that in time bring the digital into the physical. The primary source for cigar content and community activity. This is your world, welcome to Cigar Keep. 

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