Le Hoyo Du Maire
Hoyo de Monterrey / Le Hoyo Du Maire
Length: 4" | Ring Gauge: 30
Strength: Light | Vitola: Entreactos

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The "Le Hoyo Du Marie" is an outstanding cigar. It is a great smoke if you are pressed for time, or you have to smoke outside in a colder climate. I highly recommend it if you do not mind a cigar with a slender ring gauge.

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My cabinet of 25 is from a box produced in the year 2000. Around 6am I was looking for something mild to have with my coffee.
I could not believe the volume of smoke this small ring produced. The draw was perfect, and the flavor so delicious that my attention was diverted from the rising sun. As I write this review, I’m thinking about the next time I shall smoke this pequena joya

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The first cigar I smoked that made me consider the fact that there may be more to these cylinders of tobacco than just dried leaves. The vitola was created to be smoked during intervals of theatre productions hence the Vitola de Galera Entreacto, 'between acts'. A sweet, aromatic flavour dances on the palate and by no means overwhelms it. Notes of cedar, freshly cut grass and light citrus intertwine to create an overall sweetness with the inclusion of a subtle toasted quality.
This is a cigar to be 'sipped' due to its supremely slender 30 ring gauge. Unfortunately, because of its slim profile, overfilled examples can often be found, increasing the smoking time to 30 minutes and decreasing enjoyment time to all of about 5.
I am lucky enough to have been given a cabinet of 25 from 2005, of which 7 remain. Despite a firm construction, the draw has just the right amount of resistance and the ash is brilliantly smooth and almost snow white.
When finding myself pushed for time, I will always smoke a Hoyo du Maire over any machine made, short filler cheroot or cigarillo.



Thanks for the review - I‘ve recently bought some given that they are still available at my favorite cigar shop. It was a pleasant although short smoke! The construction and draw was „very Cuban“ I would say, a bit sloppy … (adding here that I smoked it outside during a walk). The taste however was quite good - grassy, light hints of citrus and salty.

Overall it is a good cigar for a short walk as you do not have to concentrate to much on it, but it is not completely to my taste.

1 year ago


Thanks for your review MAx, I have a box on the way and looking forward to it.

2 years ago