Epicure No. 1
Hoyo de Monterrey / Epicure No. 1
Length: 5 5/8" | Ring Gauge: 46
Strength: Light | Vitola: Coronas Gordas
£27.50 7% since 1st April 2022

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Another day and another cigar this time coming from my favourite smoking lounge in London @tomtomcigars . It’s been a while since my last post as I have been a little under the weather so smoking has been a forbidden vice for the last couple of weeks. So today I have eased back into it with the Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 1. A 46 ring gauge by 5 5/8 inches Toro vitola considered medium strength - it’s probably the lesser known HdM in the line up. It continually scores in the 90 range with cigar Aficionado showing a real consistency in the production. The first third was light with hints of spice with a real savoury taste. The retro hale had a real kick though that could be more to do with the reminisce of my cold…. The middle third did throw up some more flavours characterised with a real toasty aftertaste. I did from time to time pick up some hints of sweetness though they were passing and were very much a background noise. The burn was pretty good along with a very good draw. The final third did see a build up in intensity towards having a medium strength with hints of spice starting to build in your mouth and lips - with toasted celery being the predominant flavour. The smoke volume also really kicked up a level which for the first 2 thirds had been on the lighter side. I haven’t spoken about the aroma as my nose is still a little out of action 😜. The No. 1 is a great option for the novice smoker or those who prefer a lighter cigar but would like a little more complexity within their roster.



Nicely thought out review, thanks!

3 months ago

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The number 1 fits in the hand like a well worn baseball glove. All the flavorful hospitality of its more popular brother, No 2, with a longer smoking format.

Gentle baking spices. Milky chai tea blend. Pencil shavings in a good way. Charred orange peel. Roasted chestnuts. Hushed sweet tones.

Cold smoke texture a little warmer than a much longer lancero.



Pencil shaving flavour, I think you’ve just found the next big flavour Jelly Bean 🫘
I’m smoking my first this evening, I hope the pencil shavings come through on my palette ha
I’ll let you know!!

1 year ago


Great review. Very tactile!

2 years ago

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I much prefer this Corona Gorda over the infinitely more popular Robusto vitola of the Epicure no.2. I believe the 46 ring gauge to be more more convenient and visually appealing. A delightfully light cigar with a variety of elegant, although rather subtle flavours. A sweetness delicately fills the palate upon first puff which then makes way for oak and almonds. The smoke is not entirely smooth and far from silky. An underlying spice and saltiness is forever present. An iron like flavour prevails and the spice intensifies in the last third. Construction is good and the combustion is slow although I was disappointed with the smoke output, or lack of it. The wrapper was a smooth, oily colorado claro and the ash was nice and even. A correctly filled example with the right amount of resistance on the draw should take an hour until the ash makes its way dangerously close to the lips. A good smoke and often superior to the Epicure no.2.