Le Hoyo Du Député
Hoyo de Monterrey / Le Hoyo Du Député
Length: 4 3/8" | Ring Gauge: 38
Strength: Light | Vitola: Trabuco

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I savored this fine cigar during a leisurely stroll into town, where it both met and exceeded my expectations. Initial spice gracefully gave way to nutty and subtly bready notes. Despite its modest proportions, it produced a surprising amount of smoke, a testament to its impeccable construction. While the burn was a little uneven to start, it's worth noting that I enjoyed this cigar outdoors in a slight breeze so I find it unfair to levy this criticism at the cigar.

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Great little cigar, creamier and a tad sweeter than other smokes this size. Overall a more concentrated hoyo flavor without compromising quality.

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Big flavors in a small package! I typically am not a fan of the smaller ring gauges. For the price of a box of 25 it was too good to pass up. Especially backed by the Hoyo name. I am so glad I got it and now ready to get another box. The Depute has been my go to for a morning smoke with my espresso or coffee. Consistently it has left me feeling good and ready to take on the day. It pairs perfectly with a coffee after or even with your breakfast. The flavours are just perfect leaving me with a strong cinnamon taste. This cigar after a waffle or pancake glazed with maple syrup is just out of this world. It just works, plain and simple. I don't see myself smoking this in the evening or mid day. It has done so well for me in the morning, I have designated this stick as just that. The smoke time on this for me is right at or around 40 minutes. A pro tip on these if you pairing with your coffee, is to dip the tip into your coffee. Allow the tip to absorb some of your espresso and wow oh wow you will be happy you did. 10/10 on this one. Enjoy your breakfast.

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I’m trying that coffee idea tomorrow morning!

1 year ago


Do it! I'm excited for you to try :)

1 year ago

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These are one of my favourites. At the moment I have a cabinet with two years of age on them. They are excellent morning smokes with a clean palette and an espresso. Rich and quite complex the cigar changes as you smoke through it. Also, each cigar seems to taste different from the box suggesting a lack of uniformity. That being said, they have all been good, and all share that classic Cuban taste and a fair bit of poke. I was first recommended these as a lighter morning cigar but I would personally place this more in the medium bracket as it can sometimes have a hint of harshness.

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This is a cigar that can be both pondered and contemplated or smoked without giving a thought to. It is light in body but by no means bland. I believe it to be more flavourful than most of the other vitolas in the portfolio boasting more substantial ring gauges, quite possibly accounted for by the manner in which the smoke is delivered due to its slender profile.
Construction is often an issue and one can regularly find under filled and overfilled examples. When I’m lucky, I’m greeted with a sweetness alongside the sourness of citrus fruits. In the second third I welcome almonds, coffee and hazelnut and then say my goodbyes with a hint of pepper.
A great cigar when rolled properly!



I agree with Max - had some really good ones and the occasional duds but for the price i can overlook.

1 year ago