Petit Edmundo
Montecristo / Petit Edmundo
Length: 4 3/8" | Ring Gauge: 52
Strength: Medium to Full | Vitola: Petit Edmundo
£26.40 8% since 1st April 2022

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I must have had a bad example. Brilliant flavours, a draw too loose for my liking, and a cigar that went out at least 10 times. I'll have to revisit this one...

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In all honesty i've never been a big fan of Churchill's, Toro's and other Cigars which are 45+ minute smokes, sometimes I'll make an exception if it's a brand a love, or a certain type of cigar I've been recommended to try. So when I had the chance to try the Montecristo Petit Edmundo, I thought it was a great chance to give it a go.

It's basically 1/2 a regular Edmundo, with all the bells and whistles a regular Edmundo would provide.

In the first half of the Cigar I got a nice subtle hint of spice that developed, nothing too overpowering or bitter to the mouth as I smoked, with a nice "woody" sort of flavour that I got from it, mixed with the spice I thought it was a great combination.

I did have a problem with the draw, so I used a Cigar Draw Enhancer and that improved it by a mile, this however could have been cigar specific to this cigar alone, but I still enjoyed it none the less.

The price? I don't mind the price, but I can understand how to some, £28 for a petit edmundo is a bit costly.

All in all. I would recommend one if you'd want to give it a try, and didn't fancy the full Edmundo. But if I had to recommend a Montecristo instead of this one? I'd always point someone to a Montecristo Open Regata, or likewise.

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To make is short, this is a must cigar for the humidor
The flavor and aroma full of chocolate

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It’s very hard with a five star rating system to really measure this cigar since it’s good but as my god father said about me to me mother - not great. (He ended badly).
Is it a bit lumpen? Does it have clay shoes? I have smoked them quite a bit, often simply trying to search for hidden depths as one would a high performing but dull colleague or boring friend of a good valued friend; there surely must be something there more than just wood and a chocolate stick? Maybe that’s what we want these days.
If you want Cadbury’s Whisper and some bland but stomach filling stodge then yes this cigar is certainly for you and let’s not be a snob here - there is no such thing as a bad cigar. Many people think the Edmundo is the greatest things since people removed their clothing on the internet, but personally, I think this cigar is like slowly sucking tar from a road mixer. I am left contented like when eating dumplings in a second tier Polish restaurant - but are we not in such situations frankly longing for the Tour d’Argent or even Pizza Express?
I am told that this cigar is very popular and indeed when I started smoking a good friend sent me a box, as a typical Cuban ( you know who you are) but if I never smoked one of these cigars ever again, then my life would not be worse off for it.