Montecristo Wide Edmundo
Montecristo / Montecristo Wide Edmundo
Length: 5 | Ring Gauge: 54
Strength: | Vitola:

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Fantastic cigar.
Slightly stronger than the rest of the Edmundo line, with cocoa and mocha notes and hints of hay and earth. In addition, this cigar develops a fabulous creaminess, which is almost unique for this brand.
An absolute hit!

Pricing is the only issue in my opinion. Originally sold for 21CHF a stick, now it's on the shelves for 31CHF a stick. For that kind of money, I'll rather buy a Punch Double Corona or a Lusitanias...

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A medium-full cigar. In short words, it was an Amazing cigar. The usual from Montecristo, a beautiful wrap, woody smell, and the flavor was amazing. The burn was even, the notes are a little bit of spices, and coffee, and the best part is that you don't have any bitterness. There is a sweetness like no other Montecristo cigars. I was surprised this is a regular release. In my opinion, it deserves t be a special edition cigar.

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