Montecristo No.5
Montecristo / Montecristo No.5
Length: 4" | Ring Gauge: 40
Strength: Medium to Full | Vitola: Perlas
£15.15 13% since 1st April 2022

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Not a bad cigar. Good for beginners. An easy smoke.

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By early February, winter should be in full retreat in the face of spring’s sunny onslaught. It was under such onslaught that I found myself with a quiet Sunday and clear blue skies. Additionally, having taken the dog on a rather long walk that morning I wasn’t about to turn down the chance to relax in the sun with a cigar and a cup of coffee.
Enter the Montecristo No. 5.
Overall, an average to good smoke. Draw was a bit tight until the second third which let it open up a little. The tight draw also meant that I struggled to get much flavour of the cigar. Sure there were the usual toasted notes and mild leather but nothing that opened up into something more complex. This is by no means a bad cigar, in the words of Pedro Pascal’s character in Wonder Woman 1984: Life is good, but it can be better.
As I’m a slow smoker, this twenty minute stick lasted me closer to forty minutes and despite what I said above, it was a well enjoyed forty minutes. Although it was perhaps a reminder that I need to buy myself a PerfecDraw.

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Great little smoke, started out a little tight in the draw but opened up into second 3rd. Held a nice long ash, as the image shows I didn't want to put it down.

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The best of this size. I would suggest purchasing a box of these with dark and oily wrappers. They are rich and perfect for any time of the day. The aroma of the cigars and the smoke is phenomenal. Also, second to none with construction every one I have smoked has been perfect.

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I agree that Monte 5’s are a super smoke anytime a day. Construction is great and are smoking so good right out of the box. With the price that is reasonable I suggest buy a bunch.

1 year ago


Good little cigar, had one yesterday from a pack of five I’ve been working through. That one was a little too tight on the draw but others from the same pack drew perfectly and were delightful.

1 year ago