Royal Corona
Bolívar / Royal Corona
Length: 4 7/8" | Ring Gauge: 50
Strength: Strong | Vitola: Robustos
£25.60 10% since 1st April 2022

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All in all, a good cigar that offered us a pleasant time, well constructed and with a very marked thread, perhaps a little flat, but overall very tasty. Definitely one of those cigars that you have to try, and probably repeat.

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One of the best cigars I have had. Tons of flavor. It is almost too bad it isn't a longer vitola.

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Amazing taste and flavor, rich and layered, strong but not overwhelming. Burned beautifully though the draw diminished in the last 1/3 of the cigar. Most noticeable was the lack of bitterness even after 2-3 times of relighting. I recommend an extra smooth whisky to pair with and refrain from heavily seasoned/ spicy meal beforehand.

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When you walk in a Cigar shop looking for a good cigar and you do not know what to take, Royal corona probably would be a good choice, but not for me; the burn is slow and steady all the way and the finish is strong and harsh, it will give you all the nicotine you want

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I smoked one of these Bolivar Robustos last night and all I can say is that I am perpetually underwhelmed by this cigar. It is heralded as this sensationally strong and mighty Cuban - only to be attempted after the so called heavy meal - but in my view I can never get much more out of it than a slightly damp tongue depressor of a flavour.

Let’s not get overly wrought about this though since to be fair it is very strong and maybe that just shuts down my taste buds - possibly I don’t have the palette to really appreciate its nuances, but I am susceptible to branding and probably stake too much on other people’s views and thus am slightly disappointed each time I smoke it, I also find the smoke output to be a bit weak and can’t get that snap which a good Robusto should deliver.

In any event non de gustibus non disputandum est as they say, so if you love them smoke them, but I would rather have a BBF any day and at least then you get the great torpedo shape!