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Bolívar / Gran Belicoso Habanos Collection 2010
Length: 7.125 | Ring Gauge: 54
Strength: Full | Vitola: Rodolfo

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The Legendary Bolivar Gran Belicoso
Vitola: Double Pyramidas | Rodolfo
Note: This is hands down the best Cigar that I have smoked so far, and only 1 remaining in my humidor.

The Toast : Now let me set the Scene for you here. Imagine you were taken back in time and space, Specifically to the 60s and somewhere in south india. It’s right before the monsoon season, You’re walking about a paddy field and then it drizzles for a bit. The drizzle, wets the earth and you're filled with this beautiful aroma in the air, resembling earth and camphor. This was the scent in the air, when i toasted this cigar

First burn : The cigar is very confusing, yet enticing. The draw has a nice spice to it, a little sweet if I must say, resembling nutmeg. The draw leaves behind a very bready aftertaste. The retrohale has a lot of enjoyable black pepper.

Second Burn : The spice has lost its sweetness but now takes the main stage. This is surprising, the draw is now creamy. This is very counterintuitive I must say. The transition started almost 20 minutes into the cigar. The retrohale has the same black pepper but now the after taste is earthy. A good Rum would be appreciated right about now.

Third Burn : The sweetness is back, about 45 minutes into the cigar, it feels like a medium body. This could also be the age acting on it. The flavour transition has been smooth, much smoother than the belicoso finos. The retrohale now has toned down to a white pepper, either that or I've been smoking this cigar for too long and my nostrils are now burnt.

Final Burn : Finally the beast has been tamed. It’s down to its final draw and now it resembles a Bolivar, The familiar taste of spice and sweetness, followed by coffee aftertaste and black pepper in the retrohale. This has been one of the best Cigars so far.

Best paired with : After Dinner, with Brandy or with Rum, if you do choose to go whiskey, please make sure that it’s a grain whiskey and let the cigar take the front stage. Not ideal for smoky Scotch Whiskey.

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