Belicosos Finos
Bolívar / Belicosos Finos
Length: 5 1/2" | Ring Gauge: 52
Strength: Strong | Vitola: Campanas
£28.50 9% since 1st April 2022

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Great burn, good draw and fantastic taste and aroma. Bolivar is one of my favourite tasting cigars. However I have a weak tolerance to nicotine so I can usually only finish about 60% of the Belicosos Finos size before I have to put it down, which is unfortunate to waste the rest of the cigar.

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Full and flavorful. This cigar is a favorite of mine and to me is what embodies the definition of a good Cuban cigar.

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"fortis fortuna adiuvat” Fortune favours the brave. This is the case with the BBF, bold and fragrant. Don’t be shy it’s not the stick of dynamite many would have you believe. The perfect choice when backed up behind a charcoal grilled ribeye and a good whiskey, and just like the whiskey always smoother with a little age. You won’t be disappointed.

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These cigars are a joy. They are strong yes, but I always find that the tell of a good cigar is that you want the same again, right away. This is often the case with the fabled BBF. Rush and smooth, but with such a good taste profile, this cigar is hard to beat - but beware it’s not a breakfast cigar. It can numb the taste buds somewhat and you get called by it’s strength from time to time: looking at it admiringly when it scowls. I believe that a Bolivar smoker and a BBF one at that deserves instant respect. So if you are out in a group and want to impress, surely this is the cigar for you? Delicious - like the forbidden French sauce covered rich food we are now banned from eating.