Coronas Gigantes
Bolívar / Coronas Gigantes
Length: 7" | Ring Gauge: 47
Strength: Strong | Vitola: Julieta No. 2

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I'm in the same boat as the previous reviewer. I bought a box of these in 2011 and was down to eight remaining when I realised that they had been discontinued. Needless to say, I still have the eight in my humidor, and I'm not sure that I'll ever convince myself to smoke one. Considering this cigar's rarity and subsequent high price, I think I'd attain more happiness by possessing these eight sticks forever than I would by smoking them. (Unfortunately, with prices continuing to go up and up, my passion for cigars is moving more and more in this direction.)
Anyway, the last one of these that I smoked was simply delicious, a powerhouse full of baking spices, leather, roasted coffee and nuts. It had a great draw and burn. I nubbed it and didn't want it to end.

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The Bolivar Corona Gigante is the one that got away from me... had I only the foresight at the time to know that Bolivar would ultimately discontinue this format, I would have bought all that I could find.

Although Nick Foulkes may disagree with my love for Bolivar and, in particular, the Royal Corona, it has from the very beginning of my days smoking cigars been a favorite of mine. The Bolivar Royal Corona was the first cigar I ever begun collecting by the box.

And what's better than a Bolivar Royal Corona? A Corona Gigante! This double corona is three times as good as a simple corona. The additional length gives the tobacco more time to warm up and, therefore, more time to develop. I find that these cigars, especially now with some age, begin quite delicately and then develop progressively fuller flavor as it is smoked. By the final third, I am wishing I could start it all over again.

Sadly, I am down to my last cherished box of Bolivar Coronas Gigantes. The now occupy a special place in my humidor reserved only for those special occasions where the company, or reason, for smoking justify such a distinguished cigar.

If you can find any of these cigars - put your hands on as many as you can!



An excellent review on an excellent cigar. I have never tried one but can already taste it!

1 year ago