Siglo VI
Cohiba / Siglo VI
Length: 5 7/8" | Ring Gauge: 52
Strength: Medium | Vitola: Cañonazo
£70.20 27% since 1st April 2022

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This is the king of Cohiba cigars
holding the cigar in your hand you’ll feel like the godfather
has a beautiful caramel wape not as strong as Cohiba Robusto mild medium body with a great aroma and a firm Ash no matter how many reviews you’re wright for the Cigar it’s not enough

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Amazing cigar with perfect construction. The flavours are well balanced going from almonds to leather and the aftertaste is from another planet

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One of my top three. Perfect for any time of the day, a really good one hour cigar that I highly reccomend.

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The king of the Siglo range and at the time of writing this - like hens teeth to find.

The price has rocketed over the last few years as a result and in part due to the status that this cigar now holds. For most, this will be a cigar cut and lit for very special occasions only and for good reason.

The biggest of the Siglo range in length and diameter it produces the classic Cohiba flavours, textures and experience. For me, that means a warm bread and butter combination with nuts and a slight orange peel sensation in the background. Not an earthy or heavy cigar but with a velvety smooth smoke output.

I have found that they are perhaps a little one dimensional in the way of transitioning flavours but this certainly isn’t a negative for me as the flavours are good and prominent from start to finish with a wonderful consistency.

The original bands were quite subtle and slim but the newer band is big and bold as you would expect from Cohiba with the instantly recognisable black, white, gold and yellow colours. The more recent bands also now feature the glitzy holographic gold trim which makes the Cohiba range stand out even more but were actually introduced to make it harder for the black market to try and pass off fakes as genuine Cohibas. The Siglo VI is one of the most faked Cuban cigars out there (again due to the status they now command) so unless bought from a reputable store, always study the boxes and bands first before parting with your hard earned cash. There are plenty of reviews and “how to’s” on the internet to help identify the genuine ones from the fakes.

I was recently fortunate enough to enjoy a Siglo VI with the original style band from a 2009 box. A superb smoke and one which I will remember for some time.

Definitely not a cigar to rush.

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I love the Cohiba line up. The Siglio VI has always been great to me. Unfortunately the prices have jumped upwards to $1300-$1800 per box. The 6 always has a great draw, and flavors. Here’s a review I wrote about the cigar : First third: I get this roasted vanilla and cherries,
along with a lot of bread, lemongrass and
chocolate chips. Later on I get this fruity note,
maybe cantaloupe and watermelon-ish, and a
extraordinary amount of nut flavors, peanuts, and
almonds. Toward the last of the 1st third, it's just
roasted meats, fruits and heavy
lemongrass. :Second third: butter and smoky
meats are the main flavors.: Last third: fruits
come back and still have the classic Cohiba
lemon grass and butter flavors.

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