Behike BHK 54
Cohiba / Behike BHK 54
Length: 5 5/8" | Ring Gauge: 54
Strength: Full | Vitola: Laguito No. 5
£130.00 4% since 1st April 2022

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I have tried all the Bahika line
however I did not see anything special about it
the stick was very intense very mature I couldn’t see or noticed the heaviness in the Cohiba the burn was alright hot towards the end
I wouldn’t spend much money on it

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I bought a few boxes of these in Andorra back in 2015 before the prices went through the roof!

This is quite a rare smoke for me as my stock diminishes, (2 sticks and a box left) the cigar is beautifully constructed chocolate brown, oily wrapper and very firm in the hand, this cigar is packed! although the draw is perfect.

I'm sure the 7+ years of extra age as impacted on the flavours of this cigar (for the better I might add) the smoke starts with a good amount of spice, along with flavours of cedar, hay and earth. There’s some sweetness as well but not much of it, it is more of a background note.

This changes to a sweeter, more creamy profile, although interestingly, the flavours are close to the same, more cedar, more earthiness, more hay, but instead of the spice from before, the sweetness is more dominant, there’s also just a hint of dark chocolate/expresso coffee present as well.

I don't tend to "nub" cigars so for me the finish was very creamy, sight dark chocolate still some spice as well.

It's such a shame that these cigars are increasingly out of range for the "average" cigar smoker like me, they are a truly fantastic smoking experience, but alas fewer people will get the opportunity to sample this delight, first you must find them and then reach into those deep pockets!!

I’ve been smoking cigars for 20+ years and it’s never been what you’d call an inexpensive hobby, but with the resent scarcity and price rises it takes what used to be a good weekend cigar to a very special occasion cigar.

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Review of a 2011 BHK54 I smoked on May 6, 2012

Construction: Firm, solid. Chocolate brown wrapper.

Aroma at Cold: Cocoa, hay, earthy notes. Good draw off the cut.

First Third:

Cedar, earth, great draw, tangy tobacco, touch of caramel, leather, sweet bean flavours, tangy cigar, leather, imperfect burn, but no worries, Burn just corrected itself. Caramel with espresso ground finish, toasty tobacco with bittersweet finish, sweet bread, tiny hints of pepper, caramel. Very smooth cigar so far. Strong coffee and caramel.

Second Third:

Slight bitterness to open up. Coffee, beany notes, flaky ash, great burn, no relights so far, toasty tobacco, cedar notes, smoking like a dry champagne right now. Would pair nicely with a Pol Roger :) toasty tobacco sweet woodiness. Found a bit of a vein in the head, pulled it out (see artwork). Tanginess returns, aroma is like mushrooms, corrected burn, cigar is still smooth, no tobacco buzz so far, beans, dry cedar finish, sweet bread, loads of creamy smoke.

Third Third:

Opens up with rich toasty tobacco, burn if very good, tangy tobacco, slight caramel, smooth anise, easy cigar to get lost in, pure coffee, no bitterness, espresso, pulled band off easily, slight almond notes, pecan, toast, espresso bean, sweet bread, toasty tobacco, molasses, very little plumes of smoke but still lit, spoke too soon. Out!! :tantrum: dry tobacco notes, smoking like an aged cigar, slight tobacco buzz, toasty tobacco, beany notes, leather, wonky burn, cigar is hot to the touch, dry toasty tobacco, showing its' strength now, walnuts, pepper, burnt molasses, sweet tobacco, anise, toasted tobacco, great cigar to get lost in.


An instant classic. I'm hoping they get better and that I don't run out too soon!

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