Medio Siglo
Cohiba / Medio Siglo
Length: 4 | Ring Gauge: 52
Strength: Full | Vitola: Petit Robusto

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This time COHIBA has not given us the sensation of living up to its name, with a tobacco that does not seem to have been given enough time and care, detracting from what could be a good cigar with more fermentation and ageing.

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If you have short time and you want something is to keep you company, then is this is your choice Midió Siglo, this short cigar will keep you occupied with taste and smell
Strong cigar taste black pepper smoky

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This little cigar encompasses everything you want and expect from a Cohiba - quality construction, excellent performance and great flavour. This is the same length as the diminutive Siglo I but the same ring gauge as the premium Siglo VI, and delivers that quintessential Cohiba taste. Notes of coffee, rich tobacco and a velvety smoothness; in plumes of cool, dense smoke.



A friend of mine once referred to these as snacks and I couldn’t agree more. These are well enjoyed on short mornings.

1 year ago

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Impeccable short robusto. It's definitely whetted the appetite for the Siglo VI.

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Cohiba has done it again! At this point to be fair, they can never disappoint. The Medio Siglo is a fantastic stick. Not to mention it is a gorgeous cigar as well. I personally prefer the smaller formats. I wanted to have a box to myself partly because I just love the look of it and how happy it would make me to see it in my coolidor. Construction is everything you can expect from a Cohiba. The burn at times would need correction. I have smoked 5 in total in different settings (calm and windy). All the times needed some form of correction. Flavor is on point with that Cohiba taste. Each stick has smoked a consistent 35-45 mins. If you are tight on time then this is a perfect stick to grab and go. Just know your wallet will feel the pain after you've blown through them. The Medio Siglo works in the morning, afternoon and evening. It all depends on your mood and time. Regardless, you will not be disappointed at the end. I can't recommend this cigar enough. If you find some and have the cash, don't think twice to pick them up.

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