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San Cristóbal de la Habana / El Prado (Habanos Specialists)
Length: 5" | Ring Gauge: 50
Strength: Light to medium | Vitola: Petit Piramides

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Another night and another new cigar this time in the PM - yes what a shocker - smoking at night - those who follow my reviews know I am a morning smoker but thanks to having some time to kill before picking up my daughter I thought it was a perfect opportunity to try a new cigar - this time the #sancristobal El Prado. It’s the first time I have smoked this brand. Thanks to the expert team @tomtomcigars for the recommendation! It’s a 50 gauge and 5 inches - a really perfect size. The draw was extremely light and the flavours were creamy, smooth with almost a burnt wood flavour that was surprisingly pleasant. Overall I really enjoyed the cigar and I have now discovered a new brand I like!

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Awesome light to medium cigar, burns perfectly, lots of flavour, and a LOT of smoke

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For me, San Cristobal is probably one of the most underrated brands across the Habanos range. If you speak it, some may know it, some may not have even smoked it. I'm here now to try and change your mind, because the San Cristobal El Prado is easily my number one favorite, the cigar to beat all cigars in my opinion. Everytime I visit my local cigar shop in London, Davidoff of London speficially, I always try my hardest to get as many of these as I possibly can.

For me, the smoke is beautifully light to medium, and the burn starts off beautifully, especially when indoors with a set of matches. Being a petit piramides, it isn't difficult to draw on the large ring gauge.

As I smoked through the cigar, I felt this wonderful creaminess in my mouth as the cigar developed, especially towards the final third of a cigar when the head builds into a wonderful hint of spice, with the El Prado flavours of Wood and Leather

As I said, I love this cigar, it's something I rarely get to smoke and I leave it as my special occasion cigar. If you have the chance to try it, I'd 100% recommend doing so.

(Of course, all flavours I believe are determined to the individual, please try it and get your own flavour profiles, and explore!)

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Cool little write up good Sir, I’m indulging in one as I write this, I smoked one the day before Christmas Eve and sadly it wouldn’t draw for love nor money, it was sadly a dud, thank god the one I’m smoking right now is pulling like a train.

If I may make a suggestion? If you like the really sweet cigars then a Davidoff Yamasá should be on your wish list, if it isn’t already, it’s a much fuller smoke granted but definitely in the sweet gang.

1 year ago

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Full stars for this one, perfect draw, perfect burn, perfect construction, a beautiful almost sweet taste, I’d go as far as to say that this is the cigar with the sweetest, sugary flavour profile I’ve ever tasted, the sweetness carries through each 3rd perfectly, I tasted pure hoisin it was lovely, I’d also say that this cigar is more a medium smoke than it is light, this is a million miles from a Davidoff No2 or No3 Cru which are definitely light.
I’m going to make a big sweeping statement here, this cigar has knocked the Trinidad Coloniales off my top spot and is now my new favourite cigar, god bless the young girl assistant in my local cigar shop for picking this one out for me.