Easter Cigars

Easter is a family time, second only to Christmas in the Christian faith when it comes to social pressure to gather and be merry together. With the four days of time to pass, the good news is that you have a wider window to find time to contemplate important matters over a cigar or two. Spring is in the air and from where I am sitting now in the U.K., the mercury is slowly rising and our need for wrapping up as if you’re about to go skiing before sitting on the terrace for a smoke is much diminished. So here is a list of cigars worth pulling out of the humidor to suit the occasion.

Trinidad Robusto Extra

This is a cigar that needs smoking after you’ve had your fill of lamb, hasselback potatoes and redcurrant jelly. This cigar is a terrific size, there are many of its calibre, but something like the Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial or the Upmann Magnum 50 will not have the bite you need for a post-prandial that this cigar has. This is especially true if it is part of the old guard of Robusto Extra.

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Bolívar Coronas Gigantes

No one has ever pulled this cigar out of the humidor without everyone understanding the statement of intent that goes with it. Ideally this is the cigar you smoke on the family walk, but any cigar that breaches the seven-inch mark makes plain that you shall be focusing on it till it is good and finished.

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Cohiba Siglo I

Ever since I heard that Mark Birley used to have boxes of these at his backgammon table for people to “dig into as if they were peanuts” as someone said, I have considered them a cigar with plenty of style and bags of substance. This cigar is one to smoke once you’ve shaken the vicar’s hand and thanked him or her for the marvelous sermon that you may have been distracted from, thinking about the cigar you were about to light up on the walk home. An alternative is the Panetela, which is the ultimate amuse bouche for an afternoon of good smoking.

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Diplomáticos No.2

This is one for the parents when the children are finding their way down a chocolate-egg hole, after a successful hunt in the garden, in front of one Disney film or another. You now have a 90-minute window to escape too and this cigar has bags of flavor and is a beautiful size for any smoker to tackle. It could be tempting to go bigger, but it’s all about making sure you get to the end without interruption.

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Cuaba Distinguidos

Why? Well it’s fairly simple. Cuaba’s double-figurado format across the entire selection means that they most resemble an egg, and so this is the tobacco cap doffing to the secular side of the long weekend, and frankly, if you smoked this on Monday afternoon, you round things off in a way that is distinguished both nominally and aesthetically.

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