Diplomáticos No.2
Diplomáticos / Diplomáticos No.2
Length: 6 1/8" | Ring Gauge: 52
Strength: Medium to Full | Vitola: Pirámides
£29.90 12% since 1st April 2022

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2023 Diplomatico N2:
Colorado Wrapper with some small veins - box has an interesting funk (farm yard-ish). Dry taste: Earthly, Wood and Leather.
1/3: Perfect Draw - wood and leather - medium strength.
2/3: Coffee, earthy, and spice - mushroom and wood are present - increased strength
3/3: Peppery, leather, wood and earth.
Lovely cigar for such a young vintage.

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This classic cigar is one of may favourites. It is considered by many as the better of the pair between its cousin the Monte No 2. But clearly it is not as well known. I happen to also love the label which evokes grand colonial mansions and diplomatic receptions with platters of Ferraro Roche chocolates possibly replaced with these excellent cigars. The smoke itself is lighter than a BBF and the Monte - higher notes, more natural, hay and grass. I always imagine that the Cuban aristo (before they were got rid of) would have smoked this with her breakfast. I have always found the draw to be excellent and this one photographed is no exception. It goes perfectly with coffee and half way through you get a surge of energy finishing with a strength which sets you up for the day ahead touring your estancia. They are also slightly cheaper as a brand - which gives the real gourmand something to rejoice about.

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