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La Gloria Cubana / Medaille D'Or Especial - BELUX Regional Edition 2020
Length: 6 | Ring Gauge: 38
Strength: Medium | Vitola: Laguito no.2

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It’s rare when I come across a young cigar that smokes as if it has YEARS on it. Well, this is one of those cigars.

The cold draw showed well: sweet undertones with hints of roasted coffee beans and cedar. Due to the ring gauge, this is not a pre-draw I could see myself enjoying for more a minute or so, but great none-the-less.

The 1st third started out fantastic: tons of coffee notes with a toasted, woodsy backbone, followed by a sweet buttercream. Yes, kind of like eating a coffee flavored cupcake (but less sweet of course) sitting by a bon fire, if that’s what you were thinking. The aroma mimicked some of the palate: wood, coffee, but also touches of Italian leather. The creaminess in both flavor and texture was hard to ignore. This would continue throughout the cigar until the nub.

The 2nd third allowed the coffee to change into espresso, introducing baking spices, hints of vanilla and a touch lemon rind. The lemon rind faded away pretty quickly. The woodsy backbone continued as roasted almonds creeped in. Imagine a pumpkin spiced latte if it wasn’t so sweet. Just the aura of Fall in a way.

The final third presented the espresso and woodsy tones, but a touch deeper, as the creamy, milky flavors and textures continued. Roasted nuts (maybe peanuts?) and italian leather were followed by a slight meaty flavor.

This cigar was as close to perfect as I’ve smoked. Smoked to the absolute nub, it was quite the lip burner, however, it never became hot once throughout the entire experience; even at the end. I attribute this to the amazing construction of this sample. The draw had the literal PERFECT amount of resistance. I purchased one box. The only problem is, I didn’t buy two.

Cheers all!

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Another day and another cigar - this time smoking for the first time the La Gloria Cubana / Medaille D’Or Especial - BELUX Regional Edition 2020 - I must admit I am a fan of any sub 40 ring gauge and at 38 this regional edition is right up my street - and that’s even before mentioning the little pig tails...👍 The draw and burn were a little tight (the price you pay at times for a sub 40) however it wasn’t helped by being slightly over humidified. The cigar certainly didn’t disappoint - there was sweet woody flavours with no bitterness or pepper for most of the smoke though it did intensify in the final third though it remained creamy. There is absolutely no need to age these cigars though the hoarder in me will certainly smoke my supply slowly. If you can get your hands on this cigar I recommend you do!

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Smoking one right now. About halfway through the second. What a fantastic cigar! It really is smoking perfectly this young.

4 months ago

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On a recent business trip to Belgium and the Netherlands I was lucky enough to pick up some of these lovely cigars! I really favour the elegance of these slim vitola's they sit so well in the hand.

The cigar started quite mild and floral, creamy coffee flavour with a nutty sweetness. The finish is still sweet but a very slight pepper and darker expresso coffee.

I know that these cigars fly against the fashion for larger and larger ring gauges, but in my opinion these hark back to a bygone age of cigar smoking elegance, not something to post on Instagram and that’s fine by me.

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I just managed to pick up the last cabinet for Sale in the Casa del Tobacco store in Antwerp. Like you I smoked one and loved the flavours so hence pulled the trigger on the cabinet. I plan on smoking half of them over the next year and keep the other half for the future 👌

5 months ago


Just picked up a box myself! Do you know what your box date was? I’m dying to try one right out of the box, but my date is April of this year, and I’m thinking of waiting at least a full year before trying one. Plan on aging for many years after, but if they have these beautiful notes of sweetness and coffee right now, that will make aging them very hard!

5 months ago