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La Gloria Cubana / Británicas Extra - Gran Bretaña Regional Edition 2017
Length: 5.375 | Ring Gauge: 48
Strength: Medium | Vitola: Britanicas Extra

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Many have said they aren’t much impressed with this and one expert source claimed he found them to be under-filled. I must admit I can understand why they aren’t an instant hit; they are fine to smoke straight out of the box, with a subtle chocolate and nut quality (perhaps even some green tea) however there is still the unmistakable taste of youth.

The draw is perfect throughout and this is coupled with an excellent burn. Despite its 48 ring gauge (which is not yet in the jaw breaking end of the spectrum) the shape of this perfecto lends its self to very comfortable smoking experience.

Not overly oily the wrapper does leave a delicious sheen on one’s lips which helps the finish to last that much longer between draws aiding the correct smoking pace.

I predict that these particular regionals will come into their own with a decent amount of correct ageing. Perhaps in a decade or so these will be as good as gold dust and I shall be happy to still have a few boxes to dive into.



I have managed to resist smoking any from my box yet - I think I'll try one when they've got five years on them.

1 year ago