Cigar Keep: A Letter to our Members

We've come a long way in a short time, now to the next stage in our journey: the first Cigar Keep Fundraise. Read on to hear about our progress to date and vision for the future!

Cigar Keep is now just over six months old, and what a journey it has been. We started off with a few Instagram posts, the odd tentative article and a muddled website we’d be ashamed to show our venerable membership today. We've improved the keep functionality, added cigars weekly and now have 4k Instagram followers, a growing presence on Twitter and thousands of members from over 50 countries worldwide.

We truly are an international fraternity of likeminded, garrulous enthusiasts. Better still is our breadth of experience; we hope we appeal to both those new to the world of smoking as much to those with humidors popping with Cubans. We take pride that our membership support one another.  

We made the move into video content with extraordinary success; surprising ourselves with over 69k views on Youtube and only in recent weeks 78k views on TikTok. A platform many of you may never have been on. 

What is even more exciting is that our growth to date has been truly organic. We’ve not advertised, merely hoped to provide interesting and colourful content. Articles as far reaching as our popular analysis benchmarking the wine market with the newer asset class of cigars. Contributors include the doyenne of cigar writers, Nick Foulkes and his son Max Foulkes, himself the figurehead of the TikTok generation, as well as hugely respected cigar author, Nick Hammond, writing about the effects of Hurricane Ian on Cuban stock.

We are far from perfect though. We make the odd typo, we have the occasional tech glitch and sometimes we fail to list a cigar. We are evolving. We're also truly excited to imminently launch the Stick Exchange in its first iteration; a means for members to trade amongst themselves. You may yearn for a hard-to-source stick or you may have an abundance of cigars chilling in your humidor. Why not connect the dots and enable members to trade and sell. 

How do we fund the growth, you might ask. We’ve had a small coterie of wonderful investors and we are now looking to launch our Fundraise to continue our extraordinary journey to date. We are ambitious to increase our membership even further and so will embark on our first paid marketing campaign whilst at the same time adding to and improving site functionalities. And of course, new videos, new articles and top secret tools for the cigar enthusiast. We will not change - we know you appreciate our values of integrity, authenticity and sheer enthusiasm.

For this raise, we look, as ever, first to our community. If you are interested in investing in this journey, then do contact us to receive our Confidential Investment Deck and hook up an informal Zoom. We’re a small team and are always at your service.

Now, where's my Cohiba..