My Biography

A passionate and focussed Cigar enthusiast trying to unite the world of Cuban Cigars under one webbed roof.

What was the first cigar you ever smoked?

Quai d’Orsay 54 and it is as good then as it was today when I smoked one.

Which is your desert-island cigar?

Cohiba Talisman 2017

What is the worst cigar you’ve ever smoked?

All are delicious, it’s just when you smoke them. I tried to smoke a quick Partagas Lusitania in the street one morning and it was a disaster. Trying to do much!

What is your greatest cigar-related memory?

Starting Cigar-Keep!

What is your favourite cigar brand?

For flavour Partagas, for strength Cohiba, for breakfast Quai Dorsay, for lunch Bolivar, for tea, Trinidad and for dinner, Ramon Allones.

What is your favourite cigar accessory?

My inbuilt humidor, but I love a very sharp cutter.

What is your favourite cigar shop?

Davidoff. Going there is one of the greatest pleasures in life and the owners and staff are simply perfection.

What is your favourite lounge?

5 Hertford street. Calming and with an amazing selection and first class staff.

What is your favourite method of ignition?

A torch lighter. You feel a sense of empowerment every time.

What is your favourite cut?

Straight and clean. A sharp cutter is key and all too often they are blunt.