My Biography

A Cohiba smoker for 25 plus years and now trying out other Cuban and some non Cuban cigars. Always a pleasure to have a good cigar with friends who appreciate a good leaf.

What was the first cigar you ever smoked?

A Cohiba, maybe the robusta, but not sure, when i was 16, taken from my dads humidor.

Which is your desert-island cigar?

A few of my favourites, can’t be just one
Cohiba Siglo VI
Cohiba Piramedes Extra
Partagas Lusitania Gran Reseva
Behike 56
Trinidad Topes

What is the worst cigar you’ve ever smoked?

Many, lets avoid the memories, but if i have to, a partagas from 2000 i smoked recently. A 22 year old cigar, really didn’t live up to the hype.

What is your greatest cigar-related memory?

I have made some of my closest friends over cigars. The love for cigars transcends all barriers and you have the most unexpected people start a conversation.

What is your favourite cigar brand?

Undoubtedly and not because of the name, Cohiba. The touch, feel and flavors are truly GREAT.

What is your favourite cigar accessory?

Mont Blanc Cigar Scissors i bought probably 15 years back.

What is your favourite cigar shop?

Beirut Duty Free, La Casa del Habanos
Davidoff of London
LCDH, City Walk, Dubai

What is your favourite lounge?

I prefer smoking in the open on terraces, beaches or gardens.
The Garden Room, Lanesborough, London
Churchill, Dubai
The Arts Club
Marks Club, London

What is your favourite method of ignition?

Matches definitely for the slimmer ring gauges. Never a triple flame, chars the cigars.

What is your favourite cut?

Depends on the vitola. Robustas can be punched, the Piramedes / Torpedo a V cut, and the longer bigger cigars, definitely a straight cut
Don’t know how many of you have heard of the Shureken cutter, its really the worst. Don’t buy it.