My Biography

I’m fairly new to the cigar world only having tried very few. After a few great moments in life accompanied by a cigar Im currently on a journey to explore the world of cigars and meet like minded people along the way!

What was the first cigar you ever smoked?

Montecristo petit Edmundo.

Which is your desert-island cigar?

Davidoff Signature No. 2.

What is the worst cigar you’ve ever smoked?

I’ve yet to find the “worst”.

What is your greatest cigar-related memory?

When I was staying at a hotel with my partner, looking out at the city lights from the balcony enjoying some drinks and a Montecristo petit Edmundo in the best company.

What is your favourite cigar brand?


What is your favourite cigar shop?

Alexander’s cigar merchants.

What is your favourite lounge?

I’ve yet to find one in Melbourne.

What is your favourite method of ignition?

Soft flame.

What is your favourite cut?