Saint Luis Rey / Regios
Length: 5" | Ring Gauge: 48
Strength: Full | Vitola: Hermoso No. 4

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if you have't try this cigar, go and look for it
it is not easy to find and one of the reviewer said below
I was lucky to get a box from Dubai airport few years a go and I'm down to few stick
it is every day cigar and you do not get enough of it
vanilla and caramel flavor all the way, with smooth and steady burn and smoke

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Have you ever tried one of these cigars? You must! It’s not sold under the usual Habanos process though for some bizarre reason so you don’t see it in most shops, but it is certainly worth the effort to try to hunt one of these simply entrancing and delightful cigars out.

The flavours are rich and fruity from the start. It’s a strong cigar, but unlike the Bolivar Royal Corona it doesn’t dumb the pallet - instead I always find my greatest thoughts and imaginations coming when I sit back and enjoy this smoke. The mouth literally waters with the strong sensations - dray but rich a deep bass timbre- it produces and were it not for the fact that the draw is often off, I would smoke one of these as regularly as my stamina would allow.

Some cigars are for company and some are personal and this is personal. I recommend them to anyone who enjoys a different taste range in a cigar and like a powerful but oft unused note on a musical instrument it’s a vital part of my humidor.



Great review!

1 year ago


Interesting! How is it sold differently to the usual habanos process? Beautiful cigar by the way.

1 year ago (edited on 14th June 2022 16:04)