Por Larrañaga / Galanes
Length: 4 3/4" | Ring Gauge: 52
Strength: | Vitola:
£23.20 3% since 1st April 2022

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I wasn't disappointed with the taste. The first third brought a mix of creamy and coffee notes, backed by a soft touch of cedar, all flavours I would normally find in a Por Larrañaga. In the middle third, the cream and coffee were replaced by much fresher grass and hay, still with a hint of cedar, but with a surprising change from the beginning of the smoke. The surprises were not to end there, as the final third brought more intensity, the cedar deepened into a rich oak note and some peppery spices even started to appear on the tip of my tongue. Exceptional.

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Another day and another cigar enjoyed this morning down by the Thames in Hammersmith - very pleasant smoke in the autumn sunshine. Soft and delicate to begin with and a beautiful aroma to match. The perfect smoke for a quiet hour in the afternoon. Glad I purchased the boxes!

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The is one of the latest Po Larranaga releases added to their portfolio
beautiful chocolate wrap
Good size with well balanced and great construction..... bold cigar full of flavors
started with nuts and lemon
after a while in the humidor started to develop more, woody and leather taste and hint of chocolate
the aroma is amazing fill the space
very calm cigar
good burn with good amount of smoke

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First time trying Por Larranaga did not disappoint! Smidge of a tight draw, same consistent flavor throughout entire smoke. On the light side for strength. If you can get them for under $20 scoop ‘em up!

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Very nice!

1 year ago


What’s up home slice I love watching your videos wit your dad! Cheers mate!

1 year ago