Take your Mark's

Mark's Club played host to their cigar-smoking members, hosted by Jemma Freeman, to begin its 50th Anniversary celebrations.

An evening at Mark’s tends to be several hours well-spent. It is the thinking man and woman’s club and the pinnacle of sophistication, comfort and elegance. Best of all is if the evening at Mark’s is a black-tie cigar dinner, especially when it is hosted by La Reine de Tabac Jemma Freeman. 

With two Ramon Allones cigars to enjoy with dinner, a 225 Hunters & Frankau anniversary edition and the new Private Blend, the club filled with soigné members wanting to be in the presence of greatness and to salute the club’s 50-year milestone. With the great motivational speaker and Dalmore Master Blender Robert Paterson.

Thirty years ago and an event such as this might have been full of retirees, dandruff floating on to the neck of their bespoke Dinner Jackets. Not so at Mark’s in 2022; the room was an international, mixed-sex affair - experienced Spanish smokers on one table, a foursome from China in their early twenties, new to cigars and soaking every puff of this blend in, and a group from Florida, quietly discrete about how they know so much about Cubans.

The cigars were perfect representations of the evening and its guests. Beautifully balanced, mature, exciting and flavourful. Everyone was mercilessly teased by the two special House Reserve humidors on display. With special guests such as Nick Foulkes, the Messrs Sahakian and Sahakian, Shary Rahman, Mo Coppoletta and Omar Khan, himself flying the flag for Edmundo's, the revelry continued well after the final pudding plate was removed and the 50-year old Dalmore was swilled and swallowed.