An Ambassador Answers: Asier Arroyo

Cigar Keep's global community requires legendary figures from all over the world to join us in spreading the news and championing the cause of togetherness. This time we speak to our latest ambassador, Asier Arroyo.

What kickstarted your passion for cigars?

My first proper introduction to cigars was from a good friend of mine. He also happens to be an aficionado, his passion for cigars was infectious and I quickly became obsessed. I can also count on my family heritage for inheriting this passion. I have several fond memories of my grandfather back in the 80s, he would smoke Cubans during our family sobremesas and after family gatherings. I have to say, my wife has always given me a tremendous amount of support as well.

What is your favourite cigar?

It’s hard to name one as I enjoy all types of cigars, some more than others. If I had to pick one out of all my favourites it would have to be the Cohiba Siglo VI.

Do you have a favourite lounge or terrace to smoke in?

I love to smoke at home in my garden which looks out over the pool and palm trees in White Palm Hotel Bali. Another great place I enjoy smoking a cigar is at El Laguito Cigar Lounge Divan. Located on the island of gods, it is my second home and certainly a must-see if you ever have the chance to come and visit Bali!

What is your most memorable cigar moment?

My most memorable cigar moment was my first time smoking the most prestigious line of Cohibas with my good friend Willy. We were smoking Cohiba BHK 52s. It was my first time smoking these incredible cigars, we were at Cohiba Atmosphere in Bangkok by Pacific Cigars, paired with one of my favourite runs from Cuba Havana Club Selección De Maestros.

What cigar do you think is underrated?

I believe the most underrated cigar and brand as a whole are Vegas Robaina. I find this brand has the true Cuban twang taste profile and I think it is one of the most representative flagships for Cuban tobacco. A legendary character in Cuban cigar history, Don Alejandro, has in my opinion, given Cuban cigar culture so much.

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