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Vegueros Centrofinos / Mananitas
Length: 3 7/8" | Ring Gauge: 46
Strength: Medium to full | Vitola: Mananitas
£13.90 8% since 1st April 2022

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Vegueros Mananitas.

Nice little cigar. Very light first third. Spiced up a bit in the second third with some more flavour. Not very complex earthy dark roasted caramel flavour and some pepper. Last third came with a barnyard taste, losing a bit of the caramel. Overal bit harsh on the draw.

Smoking time: 35/40 minutes
Smoked: Indoors

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| Mananitas |

DISCLAIMER - this is my first ever review, and first time smoking a cigar properly (I.E not at a party with the lads)

What a way to start, I couldn’t recommend this cigar more for those wishing to dip their toe.

A silky smooth texture throughout. The first third, subtle notes of dark chocolate that only increase into the second third where a rich taste of a red fruit compote comes through, this is then finished with a smooth transition into a milk chocolate finish.

The burn was good, the last third a little tougher, but nothing lung busting. The smoke time was around 25/30 minutes.

I was provided the cigar with a v-cut which allowed for a nice draw.

Looking forward to smoking again.

Until next time.


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A verry mild cigar ,the review is what i have been tasting so enjoy!

- The beginning
As I start this cigar, the draw is smooth and giving a generous smoke. The initial taste is evolving around dark Italian roast style espresso followed by a pleasant earthiness and a touch of curcuma spice. The cigar has strength but nothing like what I had read coming from that brand. I would consider this a medium to full bodied smoke for now.

Through out the first third I get a subtle harshness, not unpleasant or anything, but most probably due to the ammonia found in this young cigar. Flavor is slightly concentrating and showing some leather notes as well.

The middle
Getting towards the middle of the smoke the flavor profile has concentrated…dark espresso and earthiness are the main flavors plus a little touch of spice (pepper). Again I am getting a slight harshness and like I mentioned earlier it is probably due to some ammonia left from the fermentation… but still nothing unpleasant. Wood undertones are also in the mix and the draw is still good.

There is a little rustic touch on this Vegueros Centrofinos, which I find gives the cigar some charm and character. In a way this habanos reminds me of the custom roll cigar that was given to me while visiting the tobacco farms in Pinar del Rio…ahhh good memories!

The end
The end of this cigar was actually quite good. The flavor profile (medium to full body) was pretty consistent all the way threw and just slightly concentrated as the cigar progressed.

It was only towards the very end did a stronger pepper taste and bitterness showed up…I guess this was the Centrofinos saying it was time for me to put him down. Over all a good cigar even though its young age with a nice aromatic complexity.

The conclusion
So I have to admit, I had a preconceived idea of the Vegueros brand in being a lesser quality habanos. But to my surprise the Vegueros Centrofinos totally broke that idea and made my first experience with Vegueros a total success. It’s exciting to see smaller “local brands” coming up with new vitolas at a competitive price with the non Cubans. On top of that I also like the packaging of the brand, there is something fun and different of having them in these aluminium tin cans.

Final words, will definitely revisit Vegueros and try the other vitolas it has to offer!


Simon-Pierre Bailly-Vallée