Vegas Robaina / Familiar
Length: 5 5/8" | Ring Gauge: 42
Strength: Medium to Full | Vitola: Coronas
£23.00 13% since 1st April 2022

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This cigar was recommended to me by the great Max Foulkes of Davidoff London.

The Familiares is, unfortunately, discounted back in 2012 but for some reason they are still available in stores across the UK in the general release sections, making it one of very few vintage still available to pick up at a relatively reasonable price. In the near future, however, there is a possibility that Vegas Robaina may be completely discontinued, which would be a great loss for many cigar enthusiasts. If you haven't tried it yet, I highly recommend experiencing this legendary brand, which carries the rich legacy of the tobacco master.

Recently, I had the pleasure of enjoying a 1999 Familiares with some friends in London. Aside from the delightful cocoa and coffee flavors, this time, we also experienced a rich and fragrant taste of butter. Towards the end, there was a subtle hint of wheat, making it an exceptionally flavorful and satisfying smoke. I must say, it's remarkable how such a short cigar can deliver such a wonderful experience.

If you are ever lucky enough to find them at your local store, grab them! (or I will! )

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A brand that entered the Cuban portfolio in the 1990’s alongside Vegueros, San Cristobal, Cuaba and Trinidad. The Familiares is a firm favourite of mine. With this seemingly being the least popular of the vitolas released by the brand, examples from the late 90s are readily available. Only once have I smoked an example younger than 1999.

I often describe Vegas Robainas as more refined Montecristos. The earthy, woody notes of Montecristo are prevalent in the blend but the often overwhelming pepper has been replaced by a more approachable spice that reaches no further than the tip of the tongue. The smoke fills the mouth and, when blown out, leaves behind a creamy sensation more than flavour.

A great cigar after dinner. Despite being rich and relatively smooth, I still consider examples from the 90s a medium to full bodied smoke.