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Quai d´Orsay / No.50
Length: 4 3/8" | Ring Gauge: 50
Strength: Light | Vitola: D no.5
£20.20 3% since 1st April 2022

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The stick I tried was perhaps a little fresh, but I unfortunately experienced harsh flavors that I did not expect. It was unpleasantly floral and woody.

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Perfect light short Cigar

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Awesome cigar! One of my favourites.

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I found this stick by chance when deciding to pop into the local wine shop. Apparently it had been sitting in their humidor for 2 years. I managed to grab one at a great price for the current market.

The flavours are phenomenal. Classic, rich Cuban tobacco taste. I describe it as a dry saltiness. Plenty of cedar on the lips and tongue on the finish too. These are exactly the tasting notes of what I want in a Cuban cigar.

Great experience, will buy a box next time I’m in London. Last 3rd has this savoury biscuity type note which i adore.

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169. Quai D’Orsay No.50 (Pre-Release)

2018-09-17/ ANDREDIAS95

Gifted by my colleague Conny Ankargren, at Mellgrens Fine Tobacco.

Location: This review was made indoors in a cigar lounge.

Wrapper: Light brown, silky smooth with tiny veins.

Construction: Medium firm with a good feel.

Cold draw: Clear notes of sandalwood.

1st third: Starts with a smooth but still dry sandalwood note, a hazelnutiness with a sweet touch.

2nd third: Perfect light and smooth notes, all the way through the first and second part.

The burn: Burns fast and sharp with a stable white-ish ash.

Smoke: Voluminous white smoke with a medium heat feel on the tounge. Light draw.

3rd third: Keeps the same light wood notes from previous parts.

Conclusion: A mild bodied cigar with a mild strength profile. Perfect morning, afternoon or after dinner smoke.

Result: In my book this is an 90 point cigar.

/Cigarmaster André

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Enjoyed my first Qui D'Orsey today on the zoom call with the members of Cigar Keep. This was a great morning smoke with a cup of coffee. Milder blend matched perfectly to start the day after a hearty breakfast. Fantastic construction with an even burn. Lasted about 45 minutes with great company and conversation.

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I was introduced to Quai d Orsay Cigars back in 2020 when I was presented with a few 50s and 54s right in the middle of Pandemic. I remember smoking a 50 one evening and immediately liked it. Since then I have tried to keep at least a box at all times. Due to the current supply shortages, I am running low on stock but this cigar never seizes to amaze me. It has become one of my regular afternoon smokes and gives me an easy 30 minutes peaceful "me" time with very clear notes of a bit of cedar, nuts and a creamy profile. It's a medium strength cigar with a very easy burn and surely a fine creation initially made for the French markets but now available to the rest of the world as it deserved to be.

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