Cuaba / Divinos
Length: 4" | Ring Gauge: 43
Strength: Medium to Full | Vitola: Petit Bouquet
£14.60 10% since 1st April 2022

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I’m not much of a morning smoker but one Saturday morning I found myself with no social commitments and blue skies. I could hardly pass up the opportunity now could I?
I’d not had a double figurado cigar before, so I was eager to give it a go. Straight away the drawer was great, and I was producing great plumes of smoke in no time. The flavours equally took no time in coming to the fore, subtle notes of leather and cream. By the second thirds I was getting my beloved popcorn kernels and by the final third those flavours had become nicely toasted without much bitterness. The burn was quite fast but even throughout the whole smoking time, the drawer also was good from start to finish.
For the price this is a great little cigar, I may have to get myself a few more of them in case I have any more quiet mornings.

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I so often find myself with precious enough time to enjoy a larger format, so, the result is always have a box of these little beauties to hand.

A perfectly fine flavour and construction is generally very good due to the shape requiring expert hands. In the blink of an eye (30 minutes), one is either invigorated or suitably relaxed enough to carry on with whatever the day has to throw at you.

For me it is not an after dinner cigar due to the size. However, flavour wise there is no reason to not reach for it as it has good depth and power. Perhaps you have no company who like to linger over a cigar so you must be quick?

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Some people may say "you better take a bigger one". But i say "it depends on what you want it for". This small cigar has a really great smoke. If you want to have an intense, but short smoke, with a beautiful girl and an old scotch in the yard on a warm summers eve - this should be your choice!



Sage advice, it is a favourite of mine.

1 year ago


Just had one and it’s simply a great smoke!!!

1 year ago

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The Divinos may be an overlooked little smoke. However, it is a great quick smoke. The draw always starts out quite tight, but this is due to the perfecto shape with its tapered foot. Once the burn gets past the taper, the draw really opens up, and the cigar is leathery with a creamy mouthfeel. I always try to have at least one box of these on hand.

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A cigar in the perfecto format, referring to the good old nineteenth-century traditions of this format.

A fully developed flavor, available from the first draw. Its character is given by the dark brown cover leaf. Beautifully built, compact. Equal incandescence and easy string are important advantages of this cigar.

Light wood flavor with noticeable herbal accents, strokes ending with a subtle honey flavor. As roasted, the taste develops slightly grassy, ​​sweetish with leather notes.

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The Double Figurado format of this cigar is rather unique today but was all the rage in the late 19th century before the transition to Parejo or straight edged cigars was made. It is a difficult shape to roll and prone to blockages if constructed improperly. Due to this, the important job of rolling these puros is entrusted to Torcedors of only the highest grade. The draw, therefore, is superb.

Some Habanophiles cut the foot of this cigar prior to lighting as the aperture is very small in comparison to its Parejo cousins. I prefer to leave it to develop naturally, despite its initial tightness and lack of smoke. Within minutes the cigar opens up to a palate filling medium to full flavour. A nuttiness, not dissimilar to that of Trinidad, and gaminess, not dissimilar to that of bolivar, lingers on the sides of the tongue with a spice that settles on the tip.

This a strong cigar made approachable by its size, or lack of it. A 35 minute smoke at most with a flavour that will remain with you until the morning.