What to smoke at Royal Ascot

With the most important event in the racing calendar approaching, cigar smokers with Royal Enclosure tickets are equally giddy, as it also spells a smashing, positively dashing opportunity for civilised smoking.

The Royal Enclosure at Ascot has many benefits, a great view of the Royal procession, the opportunity to dress up in morning attire – which should ideally not require a special occasion but these are strange times. Crucially, Cigar Keep shall be in attendance this year because we are drawn to the third major benefit, the ability to smoke cigars more or less anywhere.

To help anyone from our wonderful audience who may also be going, here is a list of the top five cigars that we believe are perfect for the day’s activities. 

Cohiba Talismán: A fantastic cigar, worthy of the great occasion in the social calendar. The Proprietor’s choice too, who says, “It goes the distance and is full of strength – like the winning horses!” As you know we make a point of never disagreeing with the wisdom of The Proprietor so it tops our list. We all want our lucky charms for the races don't we?

San Cristóbal de la Habana Torreon: This is a recommendation from a friend of Cigar Keep’s who goes to Ascot every year and we know that more than anyone he has sussed the strategic smoking solutions. The Torreon is not overpowering but feels like a special cigar. A 54 ring gauge and just a smidgen under 6 inches, it is a fine and mighty cigar and worth dipping your hand into the jar for.

Hoyo do Monterrey Le Hoyo Rio Seco: Statement cigar if there ever was one. For safety purposes we have to recommend that you wait till after lunch to smoke this but if you cannot resist, we cannot blame you. The Le Hoyo range is a great success story of Habanos and gives the brand a heft and strength both in reputation and also in cigar roster.

Trinidad Fundadores: A special cigar and a favourite of some of the cigar world’s great luminaries including Jemma Freeman. This is a victory cigar if there ever was one. Also as elegant as a morning suit and is the cigar equivalent of strawberries and cream.

Punch Churchill: This is for anyone who wants to be as on-brand as possible. Two other names as British as Ascot is Punch and Churchill, and feels more appropriate as I type this out.