Cigar Of The Week: Trinidad Coloniales

This week Max Foulkes has chosen the Trinidad Coloniales as his cigar of the week, read on to find out why.

The Trinidad Coloniales remains a divine cigar despite the brand’s recent price hike. The figure a single stick demands perhaps inhibits consumption on a daily basis but allows for its enjoyment on ‘special occasions’ (every other day). At a mere 44-ring-gauge (coincidentally purchasable for the same figure in Pounds Sterling at any good Davidoff of London) this is a slim cigar that delivers a flavour comparable to those of a wider gauge sharing the blend, namely the Topes, Vigia and Media Luna.

Filled correctly and smoked without interruption, I find a Coloniales lasting 50 minutes, relinquishing flavours to the palate that continue to deliver long after the cigar’s embers are extinguished. I can’t say a Coloniales has ever left me unfulfilled but I have yet to buy a box and have always picked my own singles. Perhaps with the acquisition of a box of 24 I’ll encounter both underfilled and overfilled examples that won’t smoke quite as they should. Either way, this fine cigar’s consumption will be continued for as long as the bank will allow.

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