Trading on the Stick Exchange: A Success Story Emerges

Christmas is the time for glad tidings, but as the old cliché goes, sometimes Christmas comes early, and Cigar Keep has been given cause for celebration. Not long ago we launched the Stick Market, the trading platform that opened up the secondary market on a scale never seen before.  We saw a deluge of additions to the page, of people seeking tobacco transactions left right and centre, it is of course one thing to post, another for the full journey to take place.

 Late last week, while we were considering our weekend smoking schedule, something we must all submit to the Lord Proprietor prior to lighting up, we noticed a post on Instagram from a gentleman named @aladdin__sane__, who with open palm held aloft a pair of the most noble order of the Gran Reserva, the Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill. He proclaimed the great success of having sourced and traded them on Cigar Keep. Following up with us privately to reassure that this, perhaps the first successful trade from the website, worked extremely well and felt it a perfect proof of concept. 

With that in mind, use this as perhaps that nudge of confidence you required to either register your cigars for trading, or reaching out to a fellow collector to see how you can rustle up some of their goods. Crucially, we cannot get enough of your success stories so please send our way when you can, even if only privately, and of course, we are happy to offer advice and assistance with regards trading at all times.

Enter the Stick Exchange here.