Top 5 Cigar Videos on YouTube to Watch over Easter

This is a list of videos designed to inform, entertain and educate during the long weekend

Arena 1997 Cigars Out of the Humidor

A wonderful documentary interviewing cigar luminaries and reminding us of the civilised days when smoking indoors was perfectly normal.

Fighting the Virus One Corona at a Time

We at Cigar Keep are huge fans of the Foulkes' and what they have done for the world during the pandemic. While every video is a masterpiece, the first needs to be remarked upon as the launchpad that began the legend.

A Special Evening With Cigar Legends | Davidoff of London & The Foulkes

Our Man in Texas is known for his humble and reverential manner. This is a perfect example, were he sits with Messrs Sahakian and Foulkes and lets them do the talking, gleaning their many decades of stories and wisdom.

Cohiba Siglo VI Gran Reserva Cigar Review

There is something about the unfussy nature of the setting where the review of the finest cigar ever made is held that makes this video so great. Our Antipodean counterparts, Friends of Habanos bring this exciting, well paced review of a cigar so few of us have ever tried, but we all want to.

The Uncut Interview With Michael Jordan

Marvin Shanken has without a doubt had the most illustrious collection of interviews under his belt with legendary cigar smokers, including Comrade Castro. Michael Jordan is fascinating in how cigars become an extension of his complex yet unique mind, the mind that makes him one of the greatest sportsmen of all time.