The Proprietor Speaks

He was away last week tracking the migratory habits of rare flora (also known as cigar exports), but his schooner arrived back in the Docklands last night, so pray silence for The Proprietor.

Greetings Cigar Enthusiasts!

Another extraordinary week of cigar loving delights - with some remarkable new keeps added and a happy stream of cigar related posts and reviews. Thank you cigar-keepers!

But what times we live in. Inflation has galloped into our keeps making these collections instantly valuable and when combined with the great cigar shortage, rare beyond belief. Who has not gasped when entering their local tobacconists at the prices of Cohibas and Trinidads? How much? What? Then the awkward expression and the shuffle of the feet as you back out of the humidors muttering that maybe a new world cigar might actually be more to your taste and did you ever really like Cohiba in the first place?

Here is where Cigar Keep comes into its own - soon we will be able to list what we have and what we want, and between ourselves in that great act we call Free Trade - we will be able to satisfy our desires and manage our stores like never before. 

There are also plenty of great Cubans to smoke which have not doubled in price too - so in many ways this new world will not necessarily drive us to the new world itself, but to new far flung corners of Cuba. Please do dig into your keeps and review less covered and less fashionable cigars since like orange flairs - they are now firmly back in fashion (well maybe not orange flairs!) You can now also post videos which means we can all have the pleasure of watching you cut, ignite and consume whilst listening to your minute-by-minute commentary as you happily puff away.

Please enjoy the weekend and the 4th July holiday in America. A great day to smoke a fine cigar and celebrate being independent of spirit, as all cigar enthusiasts tend to be!