The Proprietor Speaks

Pray silence! Ladies and Gentlemen, The Proprietor

Greetings Cigar Keep Members

What a fabulous world we live in when enthusiasts from all over the globe can congregate to show their collections, share their recollections and enjoy each other's reflections on the wonderful, soothing and delightful activity of smoking a hand-rolled, natural and sustainably-sourced, cigar. 

I find it fascinating to read about people's smoking habits so do please fill in the 'Bio' section of your keep and of course nothing is more evocative than scrolling through the cigar collections of other members. It is a window into the tastes of another imagination and not only does it spur me to explore further this absorbing world, but it will also allow us to see who has what when it comes to sharing out the meagre supply of the world's most desired product.

I would also like to find great places to smoke around the world and where to buy our beloved vitolas too, so do please furnish that information as an eighteenth century explorer would report a new found river, mountain range or civilisation back to the Royal Geographical society in London.

This week I have been smoking many different cigars, all over London but nothing is beating the Quai d'Orsay 54 that I am enjoying now whilst I write this weekly letter. This is often the case - the best cigar is often, but not always, the one currently being smoked! There is no such thing as a bad cigar, only the wrong cigar at the wrong time! 

So thank you for being part of this community and I look forward to meeting you all either in person or online in our smoking room over the coming weeks and months. In this new and fast-pace world, technology allows me to message you in a private and direct fashion, so do keep an eye on your inbox as I may find myself prompted to get in touch.

With all best wishes for the weekend whether you are enjoying a quite cigar in a brief pocket of quite contemplation or indulging in a multi cigar smokathon with a group of friends.

The Proprietor