The Proprietor Pronounces

For your weekly Audience, pray silence for The Proprietor

Friday at last my friends! As a boy I was always delighted when the week was spent and the weekend was ahead. Now it's even better - I register a spring of joy as I contemplate what cigars I will get to smoke over the coming days. I have my eye on a deep brown, unctuous, Bolivar Belicosos Finos that I bought this week - before the prices jump. 

I hope you have all been stocking up and we have a variety of articles on the new market for our beloved Cubans. A cigar index will follow shortly to further help you navigate the roller coaster of cigar pricing.

To this end, do please fill up your keeps. Then we can admire your collections as they should be admired. You can message other members directly and when you get a message a red dot shines out at you on your profile - if that is even a thing!

Also please do fill in your biographies. I am fascinated by how we all enjoy the greatest passion of all - smoking Cuban cigars and thanks to everyone who has filled in their section already. Straight cut, V cut, punch cut or just biting the end off - they all have a place at

And finally - tell your friends. The more people on the more fascinating the discussions, the more widely admired your keep and can be and the more information and knowledge we can share.

We have a Zoom meet scheduled for 4.30 UK time on Sunday (11.30 EST) so please do come and join me and others enjoying our favourite cigars!

Have a splendid weekend and smoke responsibly!

The Proprietor